#AquariusSeason: My Top 5 Air Sign Traits


January 20th rings in the beginning of the Aquarius horoscope (a.k.a Aquarius Season) through to February 18th which happens to be my zodiac sign. Famous Aquarians include Oprah, Harry Styles, Chloë Grace Moretz and Rick Ross to name a few off the list, and it’s really no surprise as this sign is known for its creativity and originality.

I’m not someone that lives to the word when it comes to my daily horoscope but I do believe in the universe’s power to determine who we are as people or how events play out. Factors like where and when you were born throughout the zodiac will determine what qualities and traits you pickup, but for the most part people who share the same start sign tend to share similar aspects of their personalities. To celebrate the start of Aquarius Season I’ve decided to share 5 Aquarian traits that best describe who I am.


Aquarius Season: My Top 5 Water Sign Traits


Whether it comes from being an Aquarian or the fact that I’m an only child, there is no denying I’m independent. From a young age I had to learn to entertain myself, and my parents always taught me to fend for myself. Although I can do know when to ask for help (when needed), I like to try and do things on my own, my own way.


I’ve always been into the arts; drawing and crafting since I was little, taking acting classes as a young teen and going to post-secondary for fashion arts, but I never really found my talent, or calling. Growing up you thinking being creative means knowing how to paint landscapes or composing your first song. It wasn’t until I was much older though that I realized my creative talents involved visual styling and photography.

Good Communicator

Another thing I’m very much known for, are my communication skills. Since I was little, I was always extremely well spoken and never afraid to converse with everyone from adults to a large crowd of people. Writing was also another talent of mine that all throughout elementary and high school I dreaded. There was nothing I hated more than writing an essay, but I always seemed to come up with content that scored good grades and took me very little time to write. Funny how things have changed, and how much I actually enjoy writing today.


Wit and sarcasm happen to be two of my specialities, and a quality I share with most of my fellow Aquarians that I mean, like my best friend. If you’ve spent any amount of time with me, you know I love breaking balls and sounding intelligent while doing it. I will never miss an opportunity to get in a good punchline or make someone (or myself) laugh, because life is just too short.


The one trait that I probably take for granted the most yet appreciate nonetheless is being observant, and this comes in a few ways. I am for one, probably one of the biggest people watchers every and I’ll admit that proudly. There’s nothing like watching the weird things people do when they think no one’s looking, and admit it you do too. But I am also observant and analyze the people I interact with, which is my way of learning how to adapt to different personalities and situations.



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