Astrology Instagram Accounts For Spiritual Junkies

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Astrology Instagram accounts are some of my favourite to follow online, asides from fashion and beauty accounts. Between politics, social causes, sports, pop culture and celebrities, there are so many different topics to follow on Instagram. Sometimes it’s nice to find lighter things to fill your feed with, and as much as meme accounts can totally do the job, some of us want something a little more enlightening to brighten up our days. That is when we can turn to astrology Instagram accounts as a great source of inspiration, manifestation training and of course, figuring out when the next Mercury in retrograde will occur.

I’ve always been really into astrology, crystals and the spiritual world, and I admittedly check my horoscopes daily, so naturally you’ll find a few astrology Instagram accounts within my following list. With so many users out there, finding good quality astrology Instagram accounts can be a little tricky. There are so many variations to choose from that hit both ends of the spectrum from meme accounts to spiritual enlightenment pages, so there’s really something for everyone out there. I went through some of my favourite astrology Instagram accounts and picked my top 5 that cover everything from horoscopes, moon cycles and of course a good daily dose of memes.

The MJ Elle_Astrology Instagram Accounts

Astrology Instagram Accounts For Spiritual Junkies

The Moon Tarot (@TheMoonTarot)

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The Moon Tarot is one of my favourite astrology Instagram accounts to follow and if there’s one account you follow from this list I recommend this be it. The Moon Tarot shares 3 daily themed posts: spiritual quotes, daily affirmations and energy readings which if you follow my Instagram Stories I share daily. The energy readings are actually what first attracted me to The Moon Tarot from other astrology Instagram accounts and I read them every morning as my way of bringing some of the universe’s energy into my daily life. The Moon Tarot also has a website where you can purchase personalized readings and other spiritual services, which I have yet to try but is something I’m definitely thinking about giving a shot.


Black And The Moon (@BlackAndTheMoon)

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Toronto based Claire Goodchild is an artist I discovered a few years ago while I was on the hunt for a unique deck of tarot cards. Claire designs gorgeous tarot card decks and tarot art since 2011 and expanded her shop to include products to create your own rituals at home. Her Instagram account focuses on sharing tarot readings, art and products available for purchase on her website. If you’re ever looking for a set of tarot cards, or other products for your spiritual journey I highly recommend checking out Black And The Moon.


Spirit Daughter (@SpiritDaughter)

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Another of the many astrology Instagram accounts I love following is Spirit Daughter for their diversity in coverage in all things astrology and spiritual. This is one of the best astrology Instagram accounts to follow if you’re looking to keep up with moon cycles, horoscope seasons and uplifting quotes. Spirit Daughter also has an online shop where you can purchase moon workbooks, crystals, dreamcatchers and other spiritual accessories. One thing I love about Spirit Daughter is they share the upcoming moon cycles in their bio, so you can easily catch when the next new and full moons are occuring.


Trashbag Astrology (@Trashbag_Astrology)

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I’m a big fan of memes, so pairing astrology and memes was an obvious A+ in my book, something Trashbag Astrology does oh so well.  Trashbag Astrology is a little different than the typical astrology Instagram accounts you might be used to following. The bio says it all, and I warn those who are easily offend maybe hold off on following them. Trashbag Astrology is so bad, it’s good with it’s savage horoscope inspired memes that in all honesty hit the nail on the head every single time. Don’t take it personally if a meme hits a little too close to home, it’s guaranteed they’ll get another zodiac sign just as good in their next post.


Co-Star (@CoStarAstrology)

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Co-Star is more than just an astrology Instagram account, they are horoscope app that personalizing your readings to not only your birth date, but time and place. The app gives you your full natal chart so you can go even further in depth into how your birth signs impact your personality. The Co-Star app goes a step further by pairing you with your friends to see your compatibility based on your signs. Co-Star’s astrology Instagram account shares daily memes and quotes putting a fun and sassy spin to astrology.


I’ve been waiting to share a bit more than just beauty, skincare and style with you guys, and sharing a bit more of my love for astrology and spirituality is something I’m looking forward to. My list of favourite astrology Instagram accounts is just the start so expect a tone more on rituals, moon cycles and my favourite products to enhance my rituals here on