Beauty Products for Fall

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It’s been acceptable up until this point to go around pretending it’s still summer, because well after all it is. But with the first day of Fall coming up this weekend, it’s time to let go of what was summer 2018 and embrace all things pumpkin spice. For some of us this means putting away our denim shorts and flip flops to make room for all our cosy knits and booties. For others, it means rotating your beauty favourites to prepare for the fall/winter seasons. Whatever you do to get into the flow of fall, it’s time to get to it.

I do a little bit of it all: rotating my closet while starting to gear my skincare and hair products to fall and winter needs. For me, fall beauty is all about preserving summer’s blessings like never-ending good hair days while preparing for the downfalls of winter like dry skin. I also tend to welcome back in heavier makeup applications that seem to hold better in the fall and winter versus the summer where the heat usually melts it off. And just like that we come to the realization that every grey cloud has its silver lining! Now that you’re a little more excited for the change of seasons, here are my must-have beauty products for fall!

Beauty Products for Fall

Caryl Baker Natural Finish Foundation

Foundation usually finds itself sitting in my cosmetics case throughout the summer with the heat having me prefer BB creams, but come fall anytime I need to apply makeup for evening that all changes. I had the chance to attend the launch event for Caryl Baker’s new Flawless Collection which includes their Natural Finish Foundation and I’m so fortunate to have learned about this product first hand from Caryl Baker’s educational team.

The Natural Finish Foundation is medium to full coverage, though I definitely find it to be more on the medium side with a smooth formula to build on. I immediately noticed how moisturizing this foundation is without being oily and wears wonderfully throughout the day without going flakey or caking. Although I do prefer to wear some sort of a primer, I have worn this foundation without a base and despite the fact it stayed on quite well. Overall I’m super impressed with this foundation and love having it in my collection of products.

Shop: Caryl Baker Natural Finish Foundation, $38.50

Vivier Skin C E Peptides

I’m a huge skin care junkie, and I love discovering new products all the time. Although I’m usually always excited to checkout the latest cleansers or moisturizers, it’s not too often that I’m left totally blown away with a product. The instant the first few drops of Vivier Skin C E Peptides fell onto my hands, I knew I was working with a premium quality product, and my skin has loved it!

Vivier Skin C E Peptides is a serum formulated with L-Ascorbic Acid USP (pharmaceutical grade Vitamin C), the highest grade Vitamin C available and the only one that is able to be absorbed by the body. Within seconds this serum is absorbed into the skin and it’s high quality ingredients mean you only need to use a little bit of product for big results. Vitamin E works alongside Vitamin C to reduce the look of aging. With a combination of peptides that aid with the signs of aging and the skin’s ability to repair itself. This make it’s the perfect product to reverse sun damage from this summer’s fun in the sun.

Shop: Vivier Skin C E Peptides, $174.50, available at BeautySense

Cake The Wave Maker

It’s not just the sunkissed skin we’re all going to miss over the next few week, but those perfect yet carefree waves brought to us by all those days spent at the beach. But whether you’re splashing away in the ocean or using salt sprays for those beach waves, one thing we can all agree on is how stiff, sticky and dry our hair is afterwards. Cake decided to soften and sweeten the deal with The Wave Maker.

This texturizing beach spray uses sugar, instead of it’s dehydrating cousin salt, to create texture with aloe vera, orange peel oil and tangerine oil to smooth hair with a shine. Cake The Wave Maker is different than other beach wave sprays in that it doesn’t leave your hair stiff or sticky, and it can be easily brushed out without having to wash your hair or have it feeling icky. I use this on day 2/3 hair either when I’m adding waves with my curling iron or on my naturally straight hair to add texture.

Shop: Cake The Wave Maker, $14.99

Jouviance Hydractiv Serum & Creme-Gel

By now you’ve probably realized that I’m quite a fan of Jouviance products and there’s a good reason for that. The Canadian skincare brand and anti-aging leader based out of Québec focuses on promoting the skin’s natural balance with scientifically tested formulas that deliver optimal results. I was very lucky to meet founder Roger Southin earlier this year while he was in Toronto with his team to learn more about the passion, dedication and science that goes into every product they develop.

The Serum & Creme-Gel from Jouviance’s Hydractiv line are just the skin care products our skin needs to prepare it for winter. We don’t usually associate dry skin with the summer but sun exposure over time can slightly dry skin out. Plus with winter on the horizon cooler weather means heaters are cranked up so it doesn’t hurt to get a head start on keeping our skin hydrated. The Hydractiv Serum and Creme-Gel instantly infuses your skin with moisture almost like it’s drinking a huge glass of water. Skin is left feeling hydrated, plump and refreshed without feeling oily or leaving any residues, and over time I’ve noticed the dryer areas of my skin are less problematic.

Shop: Jouviance Hydractive Serum and Creme-Gel, $40 each

Silk’n Flash&Go Jewel

Body hair is a hot topic when it comes to self-love and although there are many out there embracing it au-natural there are still just as many who would rather do without. We spend all spring and summer getting rid of every trace of hair that come that first feeling of cool weather on our skin we’re about ready to go on our annual 6 month strike. Why not take the opportunity of season’s change to get permanently get rid of that unwanted body hair to prepare for next summer with the help of Silk’n?

If you’ve always wanted to get laser hair removal but don’t have the budget to fund it, these days there many at-home laser hair removal systems. One of my favourite at-home beauty device brands Silk’n is known for their laser hair removal devices and their Flash&Go Jewel is the perfect device especially if it’s your first time using these kinds of devices. I just recently got my device and have only done a couple treatments so full results have not appeared yet but so far I can say it’s extremely easy to use and as with all their products, their provided instructions are extremely easy to follow. I will say however that I’ve had nothing but amazing results with some of their other devices which is why I’m extremely confident in the Flash&Go Jewel. Be sure to stay tuned for a full tutorial and review of the Silk’n Flash&Go Jewel to come once I’ve done the recommended treatments and can give you a better sense of results!

Shop: Silk’n Flash&Go Jewel, $285


* This list of beauty products for fall was put together using products that were sent to me either directly by brands or their representatives to review and promote on my social media channels. My review and feedback on each product is based on my own personal experience and as always is 100% honest. To learn more about my sponsored content, please visit my about me page.