Casper Dog Bed Review

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I don’t have kids, and it’s not something on our radar any time soon but I do have two fur-babies, my dogs Dolce and Tisci! Dolce is our 8 year old Toy Pomeranian but is still a massive ball of never-ending energy. Tisci, an Italian Greyhound, will be 3 this summer and has been a great addition to our family since we got him as a puppy. One thing is for sure, our dogs are spoiled rotten when it comes to all things food, treats and toys, so it was no surprise that they got a Casper bed before me… a Casper dog bed that is!

Casper was generous enough to send Dolce and Tisci one of the infamous Casper dog beds, created based of the same concept as their famous memory foam mattresses. The dog beds come in three sizes small, medium and large and in a colour choice of either grey, blue or sand. We received a medium in grey for our household so both dogs could share one bed with the options to snuggle or have their own space. Both of our dogs could have had their own beds in a small size, but Tisci is forever trying to cuddle with Dolce. Although the small would probably work for them just based their different ways of sleeping (more on this below!) we opt to have one bigger bed for them to share.

Casper Dog Bed: Assembly

The Casper dog bed comes in a smaller version of their iconic box which as you open immediately includes the assembly instructions, The Snoozepaper!! Once you open up the final flap that holds the instructions you also come across the cutest plush waffle dog toy that any dog parent will appreciate because it does not have a squeaker, thank you Casper for thinking of us too! Everything comes neatly packaged inside and includes the zipped cover, a memory foam mattress and 4 bolsters, all which insert inside the cover extremely easily. The “hardest part” of assembly was unfolding the cover and locating the different compartments for the mattress, and perimeter for the bolsters. I did reference the instructions because they were extremely adorable but I would have been able to put the bed together effortlessly without them, which should show how easy it really is. The dogs were ready to explore what I hoped to be their new favourite place in the house in literally under 4 minutes!

The instructions also include care information for the cover, which is machine washable (note the inserts are not) and made with dog behaviour top of mind! Everything from the design of the sides to the material and bagginess of the cover were taken into consideration when developing this dog bed. And just like their mattress, your dog has a 100 night trial, so if you find your furry friend isn’t using the bed, simply return it! But trust me, I don’t think your dogs will have a single complaint.

Casper Dog Bed: Verdict

Dolce instantly has found herself coming out of her go-to spot, under the couch, more often and sleeping in the Casper dog bed throughout the day. Tisci’s spot is on the couch, whether its sitting with us or sleeping on it alone as I work throughout the day; but even he has chosen to snuggle in the Casper bed over the couch since we got it.

Both dogs each get their own sides comfortably when they want, which is again why we went with the medium. To give you a bit of insight on how they sleep, Dolce is a small sleeping dog (she’s just over 6lbs) and wasn’t really a big cuddler up until the last year where she’s started to warm up to her brother. Tisci on the other hand is a bigger size Iggy at around 12 to 13lbs and prefers to either sleep in a ball or sprawl out double his size, in either positions needing to be as close to whoever he’s snuggling as possible. Which is usually Dolce, he really loves her so much. He’s also got plenty of room for his countless blankets, still without Dolce being pushed out!

All in all, I think the bed has been a huge hit with the dogs and has actually brought them closer as they spend a lot more time together sleeping in it. With the quality and durability it has, I totally see this being a lifetime bed for them, whereas with Tisci’s digging habits we usually go through 1-2 beds yearly. And from a decor perspective, it definitively no eye sore and with their neutral colour options there is something for everyone’s taste and style of home. The Casper dog bed start at $150 dollars for the small and are available online through their website!


* Casper sent me the Casper dog bed for Dolce and Tisci try, and me to review and share with my friends and followers. My review and feedback on these products and my experience are 100% honest and my own as always. Noting that obviously my dogs cannot speak, my assumptions that they love the bed are based on the fact that they have not stopped using it since we got it! To learn more about my sponsored content, please visit my about me page.



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