Beauty Products for Spring 2018

The MJ Elle_Spring Beauty Must Haves

Looking for new beauty products for spring? Well, the season’s change isn’t just a time to refresh and reorganize your home and office, it’s also a perfect time to looking into changing your beauty routine for the warmer months ahead. So whether it’s your skin type changing, hair needing less hydration or just wanting a […]

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The Detox Box: Discovering Green Beauty And Skin Care

The Detox Market_The Detox Box

As I’m sure you’ve noticed with the theme of most of my blog posts over the last few months, beauty and skin care more specifically has been a huge priority of mine in the self-care department. I always was into beauty and makeup, although preferring a low-maintenance routine, but as I inch closer and closer to my […]

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A Few of my Favourite Beauty Things


*Birthday Giveaway Closed If you’re one of my Instagram followers you’ve hopefully seen my Birthday Giveaway by now that I am hosting with my brand partners BLCK. and Silk Solution, which closes this Friday! I decided to host a beauty themed giveaway for my first one of 2018 and share a few of my favourite beauty and skincare items that I use almost […]

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Cold Weather Skin Care with North Medical Spa

North Medical Clinic Toronto_Hydrafacial Results

Asides from the cold weather being harsh on our wardrobes and hair, it also takes a toll on our skin health. We all hate how constantly needing the heat on dries out our skin but many don’t realize the damage things like the wind and yes, even the sun can still do especially on those bright […]

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Silk’n Blue Acne Eliminator Review


I wanted to start this one off cute but talking about acne and breakouts just isn’t cute. I was blessed to not have problem skin throughout my teenage years other than the casual small breakout but as I get older and inching towards my 30s, I’m having a harder time keeping my skin clear. Both my parents […]

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