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They say that spring is the best time to look at booking those yearly doctors appointments from checkups at the dentist to physicals and even eye exams. Spring is also a great time to revamp your style so what better way than changing up your eyewear?! Clearly makes refreshing your eye glasses for spring quick, easy and extremely affordable. Why shop in a glasses store with push sales associates and too many styles to choose from, when you can browse in the comfort of your own home while binge watching your favourite show?

I recently had my first experience shopping with Clearly and I was extremely pleased with out easy it was to pick frames and how fast they were shipped to my door. What started out as an online delivery service for contact lenses now carries a wide range of sight solutions and have so many brands and styles to choose from! I went with a pair of eyeglasses from Main+Central, a brand exclusive to Clearly that has a range of hip and fashion forward frames to choose from.

The collection names each of their frames after the days of the week, Monday through Friday and then a Weekend pair, available in 3 size options and a variety of colours. Not to mention at their affordable prices you can almost afford a pair for each day of the week! The best part about the collection which drew me into selecting the Thursday style is that the frames are eco-friendly made with biodegradable acetate which can be recycled! It’s one thing to find something that looks great and is easy on the pocket, but when it helps you contribute to a healthier environment how can you say no?

Clearly Main+Central Collection

– Monday –

Image from Clearly

The Monday style is your modest and classic D style frames which are pretty much fool-proof when it comes to suiting majority of face shapes. I’d recommend this style for anyone looking for a subtle look and say maybe wait to see the rest of the styles if you’re looking for something a little funkier!

– Tuesday –

Image from Clearly

I love the round, sophisticated vibe of the Tuesday glasses but fortunately this style of eyewear just doesn’t suit me like at all. This style would totally look good on Peter and actually resembles the glasses he owns now, as he has a more square/angular shaped face. These frames aren’t overly round making them less aggressive than most frames in this style style and have more of a versatile look.

– Wednesday –

Image from Clearly

These had to be my second favourite frames which is no surprise because they look almost identical a pair I have. They are a classic oversized D-shaped frame with keyhole bridge that are slightly thick yet still thin enough to be another pair of eyeglasses that will suit everyone. If you’re looking for a good pair of oversized frames I’d say go for these!

– Thursday –

Image from Clearly

Probably the funkiest frames of the collection, and the pair I went with in Smoky Tortoise is Thursday and appropriately named because after all Thursdays are the new Fridays right? They’re an oversized square frame that are a big statement so I’d definitely say to make sure you’re ready to rock them! I went with them because I knew I wanted something different than my current frames but new that oversized was a style that overall looks good on me.

– Friday –

Image from Clearly

Friday is super fun cat-eye shape that is totally retro! They’re a little less dramatic on the winged side giving them a timeless yet still classic look. Given the frame shape I’d say these were designed with us ladies in mind, probably the only non-unisex style in the collection although who’s to judge.

– Weekend –

Image from Clearly

Another oversized D shaped style differs from the Wednesday with its saddle bridge. Don’t let the style of the name fool you though, these are sure to look great on any day of the week and like most of the other styles I’d say they suit pretty much all face shapes!

The Purchase Process

Ordering with Clearly is an extremely easy process; all you need is your vision prescription, pupillary distance and choose the frames and lenses that are right for you. Clearly obviously knows that there are some limits to not being able to try on before you buy so they really make it almost as intuitive as buying in store with plenty of resources on their website from a face shape guide to MyFit where you measure a current pair of eyeglasses to find styles that would suit you based on those. They also have easy to follow the instructions to determine your pupillary distance if your optometrist didn’t measure it for you or use one of the multiple apps available for your phone. At this point who needs to go in-store?

Once you’ve selected your frames and put in your vision specs, you go on to selected your lenses. Just like most opticians and eyewear stores, you have an option of a variety of lenses from transitions and sun-lenses to progressives and even lense thickness. I personally went with BlueReflect™ their lenses designed to protect your retinal cells from the harsh lights from our tech devices like laptops and phones. These lenses reduce glare and harmful blue light cutting the strain you put on your eyes while using electronic devices which most of us depend on for work and everyday life. Although specialized for use with devices they can also be worn indoors and outdoors.

I do need to point out, that the lenses themselves do have a bluish glare both when people look at you wearing them and slightly as you look through them. This is normal as this is what is protecting your retina but if glare is not your thing, then I would avoid going with this lense option. I personally have had to really get used to the glare I see through the lenses as I wear them – mostly because I easily get dizzy spells a symptom from my Fibromyalgia – but have to say I do notice a difference in eyestrain overall after long periods of using devices.

Between completing my order on Clearly and arriving to my door, I’d say it was under a week which I was extremely surprised with. The glasses came in a shipping box, and then in a very well made case that came with a cloth pouch and 2 cleaning cloths. For the price point the overall quality of the frames were exquisite and these definitively don’t look like $50 frames!

Overall I was extremely happy with the entire experience using Cleary and I not only do I recommend anyone looking to buy a new pair of glasses, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I went and got my next pair there too. With options like their affordable exclusive brands to designer names like Balmain and Isaac Mizrahi they have so much to choose from.

* Clearly provided me with a pair of prescription frames in exchange for this sponsored post. My review and feedback on each product is based on my own personal experience and as always is 100% honest. To learn more about my sponsored content, please visit my about me page.



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