Cold Weather Skin Care with North Medical Spa

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Asides from the cold weather being harsh on our wardrobes and hair, it also takes a toll on our skin health. We all hate how constantly needing the heat on dries out our skin but many don’t realize the damage things like the wind and yes, even the sun can still do especially on those bright snowy days. Even though the sun is further away for us at this time of the year on the northern hemisphere, it’s rays and reflection on ice and snow still require us to protect our skin with a good SPF.

To be honest, I never really considered SPFs at all in my skincare routine even in the summertime. Sure, I wear a good sunscreen when doing long-term activities in the sun but I definitively taken advantage of both my youth and genes. That has all changed after I visited North Medical Spa on King Street East in Toronto just before the Holidays for a complimentary HydraFacial and skin analysis.

I walked in and instantly fell in love with the decor and atmosphere. The waiting lounge is nothing like your average med-spa bringing an eclectic yet warm vibe to cozy the space. Their treatment rooms are spacious, comforting and clean; exactly what you’d expect from a clinic. The experience though would have been nothing without their friendly and welcoming team, an attribute that starts with owner Amanda.

I started off my visit with a skin analysis by Nikki, one of their medical estheticians, which was quickly and painless and got great insight on things like wrinkles, pores and sun damage. I was pleasantly surprised that I had few skin issues and those I did have were able to be managed and reversed with the right products and treatments. My two biggest take aways from my skin analysis? Use SPFs throughout the entire year and although great for your skin, retinol products should be applied at night due to their sun sensitivity effects retinol has on the skin. We also talked about my current routine, the skin care products I was using and Nikki made recommendations on some products I should start and stop using.

The analysis and discussion after definitively made me think twice about the products I use and their ingredients. I picked up a tinted SPF moisturizer from Alumier MD at the clinic and that same day went and picked up a few other key products… And tossed out others that I immediately stopped using.

It was my first time ever getting a HydraFacial and my only concern was why I hadn’t gotten one sooner. This treatment was painless and actually super relaxing, although at times some slight tingling from products is expected. I immediately noticed a difference in my skin, with full results really starting to show over the next few days. My skin was glowing, fresh and plump even during the cold weather we’ve had. It’s safe to say, I’ve started booking monthly treatments as apart of my skin care routine.

I went in for my second treatment last week and Nikki my medical esthetician already commented on the changes she noticed in my skin between my first facial and the recommendations I took from her consultation during my skin analysis. I myself have even noticed benefits like needing less concealer, how my foundation applies and overall less breakouts. I actually barely use foundation at all anymore and have opted to use Alumier MD’s Moisture Matte SPF, available at North Medical. This tinted moisturizer is a zinc based SPF 40 that works wonders has a primer or literally on its own as a foundation.

They say summer bodies are made in the winter. Well so is healthy, glowing summer skin! North Medical shared some great and really easy to follow winter skin care tips with me that can be used by everyone, and I’m sharing them with you here!

1. Stay Hydrated

Keep your skin healthy from the inside out by drinking lots of water! Infusing your water with basil and lemon or mint and cucumber adds even more skin health benefits to your H2O!

2. Use SPF Moisturizer

Don’t forget those SPF moisturizers, even in the winter months! Like I said above, the sun’s UV rays are still hitting your skin, and all that white snow acts as quite a reflector, strengthening the rays. You also want to make sure your using a mineral based SPF rather than a chemical one, which are healthier for  your skin as they do not get absorbed.

3. Get A Hydrafacial

Getting a Hydrafacial is great all year round, but the moisturizing steam cleaning power of this popular facial is great to help brighten dull winer skin without any downtime. A treatment takes about an hour and includes exfoliation, Glycolic and Salicylic acid peel, gentle suction extraction and topped up with a skin nutrient-packed serum application.

4. Use Hyaluronic Acid

This miracle ingredient locks in moisture to the skin, reduces wrinkles and leaves skin looking plump and refreshed. Plenty of products like creams, sheet masks and cleansers have Hyaluronic acid in them but my favourite way to get my HA in is with a good serum!

5. Retinol At Night

Retinol is known for benefits like boosting collagen and evening out discolouration but as I mentioned above, it causes your skin to be sensitive to the sun which is bad news especially on those sunny and snowy days. Retinol encourages skin cell turnover and that fresh skin is delicate, so you should only incorporate retinol products into your nighttime routine to avoid exposure to the sun right after use.

Looking for a more detailed recommendation customized to your skin type? Pop into North Medical today for a complimentary Skin Analysis, and mention my name and this post to get $25 off your first treatment!


* North Medical Spa provided me with a complimentary Hydrafacial and $50 gift card towards products or services at the clinic. My review and feedback on these services and my experience for this post are 100% honest and my own as always. To learn more about my sponsored content, please visit my about section.

Before trying any spa services or changing your skin care routine, I encourage you to do your research or seek recommendations from a medical professional especially if you are on any medications. I am not a professional by any means and am just sharing my tips based on experience and what works for me!