Fall Style Essentials

Fall style is probably one of my favourite times of the year thanks to all the layering. Spring is a time of growth and renewal whereas I find the fall to be a time of change and new directions. And I love change! Especially when it comes to fall style essentials.

You get to have so much more fun in the fall playing around with layers and accessories when putting together outfits. You’re not bound to things like heat and humidity so you can experiment with different fabrics and cuts.

With the days getting shorter and cooler, it’s time to put away your sandals and start thinking boots and beanies. I’ve lined up my 5 favourite pieces for fall that are definitively a must-have in your wardrobe for this season.


Fall Style Essentials


Thigh-High Boots

Everyone needs a pair of thigh-high boots in their wardrobe. They go great with denim and leggings, and also keep you wearing your favourite mini skirts or dresses into the fall and winter. I love a pair with a block heel and some height, like these Norri boots by Steve Madden.


Scarves do so much more than just keep you warm. They’re the perfect statement piece allowing you to take your basics and transform them outfit to outfit. My scarf John Varvatos Stars and Stripes scarf is the perfect weight for fall; not too heavy but does provide some warmth. Even though it’s a mens brand they have an amazing selections of scarves year-round that can easily be worn by us women too!


My newest and probably most favourite accessories for this fall is my Medium Watch. I picked The Intro style with black face & silver detail with a stainless steel band, which is from their mens collection. I love how simple, clean and sophisticated this watch is. It goes perfect with everything from office attire to casual streetwear. Plus, they have a variety of interchangeable bands your leaving your style options are endless!

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Denim Jackets

Asides from being super in right now, denim jackets are such a practical piece of have in your closet. They’re pretty much acceptable to wear all year round and go with everything from sweat pants to sun dresses. I love wearing them over hoodies as the days grow colder or on its own like this distressed H&M x Maison Margiela one.

Beanies (a.k.a The Toque)

I’m totally a hat person, I’ve always loved to wear them and I have to say I suit most styles quite well. The moment I feel that crisp fall air, I’m pulling out my bin (yes, bin) of toques at least until April. Not only do they keep you warm, but they’re a great layering piece and an even better way to hide a bad hair day! Luckily, I probably own every colour made of the classic American Apparel toque prior to them closing up their brick and mortar stores!