Growing Out Summer Hair

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Summer months are slowing approaching and who doesn’t love the warm days, and cool nights thats follow? If one things for sure the signs of summer also mean festival and day-party season, with Coachella the last two weekend kicking it off! The major trends we spotted this year to set the town for festival style? It’s definitely all about hair with big up dos and bold braids this year mixed with 90’s and athletic inspired wear. Think Gwen Stefani circa No Doubt, with a lot of glitter!

The more hair you have the more fun you can have with your looks. I mean, there are plenty of fun hairstyles you can rock with short hair but if you’re looking to get creative with braids and eccentric up dos, it’s long hair you need. Extensions can be an alternative who but who’s wants to worry about losing a track while dancing the day away, or adding extra layers to your head trapping heat? Let’s all agree that for summer, natural long hair is funner and the way to go!

Luckily for you, I’ve been working on growing out my hair since my last major chop last fall which has also included me ditching extension to help my hair grow! You might be thinking who am I to give advice seeing as my hair isn’t that long but between my constant battle with chopping & growing, and the growth my hair as seen since last November, I think I know a thing or two. Yes, there the typical Biotin and multiple hair supplements out on the market, but sometimes those just aren’t enough. I definitely think that my tips, tool and product recommendations will help you grow that hair out, so check them out below to see for yourself!

1. Marc Anthony Hair Care Strengthening Grow Long Line

I’m usually not one for gimmicky hair products that claim to help grow your hair, but this line from Marc Anthony Hair Care tackles hair growth from a total different perspective by strengthening and preventing breakage. The number one thing I love about this line has to be that it’s Sulfates, SLS, Parabens, Phthalates free but a close second has to be the scent which is like nothing I can explain other than amazing! Two key ingredients makeup the Strengthening Grow Long line: Ginseng Extract and Caffeine which are both known to stimulate the scalp and hair growth. Products throughout the range also include oils like Sunflower and Vitamin E which aid in preventing breakage.

My go-to products from this line have to be the Anti-Breakage Oil, Dry Shampoo Foam & Super Fast Strength Shampoo which I use regularly! Learn more about the Strengthening Grow Long collection online and find a Marc Anthony Hair Care retailer near you!

2. Good Hair Tools: t3 Micro CURA Blow Dryer

Products are important, but your hair tools are just as important especially your hairdryer. With the technology available in the haircare industry, avoiding bland, excessive heat that drys your hair is easier than ever! I recently was sent the t3 Micro CURA and have been using in for several weeks now and I’ve since put away my other hairdryer… for good. I immediately loved the digital controls which allow you to control the amount of heat you need, which is crucial for reducing breakage and keeping hair healthy as you grow it. The overall design of the CURA has a wider airflow drying hair incredibly fast and distributes airflow more evenly. Most of us tend to crank up the heat on our blow dryers for the only reason that their airflow isn’t powerful so this small touch in design is another way the CURA helps you use less heat and keep hair healthy!

The CURA is available online at

3. Frequent Hair Trims (Following Moon Cycle)

Any good hairdresser or beauty enthusiast will tell you that frequent small trims are the key to growing your hair, which at first seems counterproductive but stick with me here. The minute your hair grows out from your scalp, it’s theoretically “dead” according to dermatologist as it has no biochemical activity. With that being said, the further towards the ends you go, the more any hair damage you may have presents itself. To keep your hair focused on repairing and nourishing healthy hair and growth cutting damaged ends is a good start. Getting rid of split ends also avoids damage running too far up your hair, which is why going for regular trims is recommended.

This is now where moon cycles comes in, and although not everyone may believe this, from personal experience I’ve seen it to be true! With it being known that the moon has a pull on things (think the tides) everyone from farmers and green thumbs to beauty buffs will tell you that the moon cycle does in fact promote growth, provided you are on the right schedule. The waxing phase of the cycle is when the moon grows bigger and brighter, right before it’s a full moon so this period of time is said to be the best time to cut your hair. You might not believe this by hearing it, but start booking your next few trims during the waxing moon and see how fast your hair grows!

4. Rahua Omega 9 Hair Mask

A good hair mask is essential to hair growth bringing it an intense boost of nutrients and moisture. As I’m sure you noticed with the themes on my blog and beauty picks I’ve shared on my Instagram, I am leaning towards more organic, natural beauty picks and my dear friends at The Detox Market shared with me Rahua, an organic and plant-based beauty line featuring hair and body care products. The line came about from an Amazonian Tribe, the Quechua-Shuar tribe, and their discovery of rahua oil which comes from the ungurahua nut. The women of this tribe found how incredibly beneficial rahua oil was to their hair and skin and began using it as part of their beauty routines. This secret was shared with a New York City hairstylist over 20 years ago which eventually transformed into the amazing Rahua Beauty range.

I was recommended their Omega 9 Hair Mask and have not been disappointed at all. This hair mask not only works on your hair and ends, but also the most important part of hair health – your scalp. It’s recommended to leave this in for 10-15 minutes, so I usually do my hair washing first thing when using this treatment weekly. A little goes a long way to both immediate and over-time results so although it’s a higher price point products it’s definitely worth the investment!

Rahua Omega 9 Hair Mask & other products from the line are available at The Detox Market.

5. Limit Hair Washing With Up-Dos & Hats

Dirty hair grows faster, and that’s another statement I’m sure your hairdresser will agree with. When you wash your hair of dirty and products, you’re also stripping away essential oils and nutrients, not to mention surely using too much shampoo. My advice is to wash your hair every 2-3 days depending on how naturally oily your scalp is and use clean shampoos free of parabens and toxins. Also, you should only lather at the scalp letting the suds stream down your hair using less shampoo and not overly stripping your hair of oils. They also say that you should finish off your hair wash with a quick cold rise for a few seconds to seal the outer layer of your hair strands locking in nutrients, moisture and damaged caused by styling tools!

Now back to dirty hair. You probably noticed one of my go-to accessories has to be hats, I’m pretty much always wearing one even on a good hair day. They do also come in extremely handy to cover up dirty hair, as do braids, ponytails and even adding some beach waves to your hair at the first signs of oily hair! I’ve also heard people using glitter roots to hide a greasy scalp, which works perfectly for this upcoming festival season!

These tips for growing out summer hair might not work for everyone, but I do recommend you implementing some of these easy hair care tips and products into your routine even if you’re not looking to grow your hair as simple healthy haircare.


* This post was not directly sponsored however the following products were sent to me by either the brands themselves or representatives of the brands to try, and share my feedback with my followers: Marc Anthony Hair Care Strengthening Grow Line, t3 Micro CURA & Rahua Omega 9 Hair Mask. My review and feedback on my use of these products is 100% honest and my own as you can always expect from me. To learn more about my sponsored content and brand collaborations, please visit my about me page.