Holiday Gift Guide: Family

Holiday gift guide season is here! Whether we want to accept it or not Christmas and Hanukkah are next month and the new year is right around the corner. You can avoid the holidays completely until the last minute, or embrace it and get ahead by starting your shopping early like me. Holiday shopping is kind of like folding laundry: we all dread starting it but once we’re finished we feel pretty accomplished. If you want my opinion I say do whatever shopping you need to do in person sooner rather than later, before stores get crazy and the holiday music drives you mad.

I start my holiday shopping by first compiling a list of everyone I’m shopping for, and brainstorming for those who might be a bit harder to shop for. I usually start thinking about family Christmas gift ideas like my parents and grandparents because I always find them the hardest to shop for. When it comes to Holiday shopping for the family we’re often found navigating between gifts that are useful, personally and won’t get  you in trouble with mom or dad for spending too much. And chances are you probably have the same struggle I do: a dad that doesn’t need anything and won’t give you a wish list making your Holiday shopping that much more of a struggle. Why are dads always the hardest to shop for?

There are two approaches you can take when it comes to Holiday shopping, or any gift giving for that matter. You can keep it easy and stick with giving gift cards or put a bit more effort into it with a gift. Personally, I see gift cards as kind of a last minute gift especially these days with the gift card towers at every superstore, pharmacy and gas station. Going out and picking a gift for someone shows you put thought into them and what they would like. If however you are giving a gift card be it because that’s what the person wants or you’re extremely last minute I recommend you put together a cute little “care package” if you will by pairing it with chocolates, flowers or a small gift like a bottle of wine.

Luckily for you though you won’t be stuck giving gifts last minute because I’ve got you covered all season long with a Holiday gift guide every week, starting today with family Christmas gift ideas!

Holiday Gift Guide: Family

Mom – Casper Quilt

The MJ Elle_Holiday Gift Guide Family_Casper Quilt

Moms always go above and beyond for us, and almost seem superhuman with all they do sometimes leaving us to ponder if mom actually sleeps. Well moms need sleep too, and whether it’s a restful 8 hrs or a quick 3 hr snooze, mom should sleep not only in style but in comfort too. That’s why I’m recommended Casper’s Belgian Flax Linen Quilt as my gift pick for mom! This quilt is pre-washed for immediate softness and is made with a layer of merino wool for a luxurious feel.

Shop: Casper Quilt, $350


Dad – John Varvatos Star USA Cable Knit Sweater

The MJ Elle_Holiday Gift Guide Family_John Varvatos Star USA Cable Knit Sweater

It is just me or are dads literally impossible to shop for? They never want anything and chances are you dad probably has a few whisky bottles sitting around from Christmas past. So instead of buying another bottle for his liquor cabinet, why not spoil him with something practical yet stylish? I always opt for getting my dad a sweater for Christmas (he LOVES them) and this John Varvatos Star USA Cable Knit Sweater says “cool dad” all over it. It’s on sale right now 50% off at Harry Rosen, so shop fast!

Shop: John Varvatos Star USA Cable Knit Sweater, $398


Brother – WoodWe MacBook Wood Cover

The MJ Elle_Holiday Gift Guide Family_WoodWe Macbook Case

Whether you hate, love or love/hate your brother he deserves a gift too! So if you’ve got a brother that’s big into tech you might want to checkout WoodWe and their collection of Macbook & iPhone skins all made with natural materials like wood and stone. The skins are super easy to put on yourself, and come off without any damage to your devices.

Shop: WoodWe Macbook Wood Cover in Ebony, $104

Sister – Silk’n Revit Prestige

The MJ Elle_Holiday Gift Guide Family_Silkn Revit Prestige

Do you have a sister on your list that’s a beauty junkie? Then the Silk’n Revit Prestige is the gift for her. This is Silk’n’s newest microdermabrasion tool and an upgraded version of their classic Revit. The Revit Prestige is now wireless and comes with a docking station to be charged. It’s also fully digital with a built in auto mode to guide you through your treatments, as well as the classic manual mode. In addition, they completely revamped the tips with 4 new attachments: Fine, Regular, Body & Massage.

Shop: Silk’n Revit Prestige, $199

Grandparents – Auria Taj Ultrasonic Diffuser

The MJ Elle_Holiday Gift Guide Family_Auria Diffuser

My grandparents are even harder than my dad to shop for, anyone else feel  me? They always seem to have everything, and never give me a wish list to make my shopping easier. This year I’m focusing on giving my grandparents gifts revolving around health and wellness, which is why I’m loving ultrasonic diffusers as gift option for grandparents. Not only are ultrasonic diffusers a great way to add essential oils to your space they also help a bit with humidity levels in your home thanks to steam diffusing.

Shop: Auria Taj Ultrasonic Diffuser in White, $79.50

* This Holiday Gift Guide was put together using inspiration from items I’ve been gifted by Casper, WoodWe and Silk’n, but is not directly sponsored. My review and feedback on these products and my overall experience is 100% honest and authentic as always. To learn more about my sponsored content, please visit my about me page.



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