How To Wear Black In Summer

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When planning your summer wardrobe palette, black is probably the last colour you’d think of. Bold neons, bright whites and pastel tones all reign supreme from May through to September. But there are a lot of people who love wearing black (cough, me). And just because we’re enjoying the summer heat doesn’t mean you have to replace all the black in your closet. Dressing in black for summer is totally possible without having to die of heat.

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Truth be told, the whole “wearing black in summer makes you hot” fact is a lot more of a myth. We’re told to wear white in summer to keep cool, and well this is only partially true. White does reflect sunlight, but the sun is only half of wear the heat comes from. Your body also produces heat, so when wearing white that heat is reflected back onto you. This actually makes you hotter! Black on the other hand absorbs light and heat. So while it is absorbing all the heat from the sun, it’s also absorbing the heat coming from you.

So before you put away your black t-shirts and denim, checkout these great tips for wearing black in summer.


How To Wear Black In Summer


1. Mind Of Matter

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The first, and probably best piece of advice I have to wearing black in summer, is don’t think about it. My grandmother has an allergy to the sun, so she always spends summers totally covered up. When I was younger I’d always asked her how she wasn’t dying of heat. She’d always reply with “well my hunny, I just don’t think about it.” The more you overthink how hot you are, the hotter you will get. It’s kind of like a placebo effect. So, when wearing black on hot days don’t overthink it and you’ll keep from overheating.


2. It’s All About The Fabrics

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Fabrics play a huge role when wearing black in the summer. Obviously, you’re not going to be pulling out your black leather jacket or thick denim jeans. When purchasing black clothing for summer you want to go with breathable fabrics. Look for pieces made from linens, cottons and silks to stay cool even in blazing temperatures.

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3. Go With The Flow

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Asides from the fabric, the cut of your summer garments can totally make the difference between sweating your ass off, and being comfortable. Especially when wearing black you want to be dressing in clothing that flows and doesn’t stick to your body. Wearing looser clothing allows for air to flow through, keeping you way cooler than if you were in something that clings to you.


4. Accessorize With Black

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Not wanting to rock the all black look for summer? No problem. You can easily add some black to your outfits with accessories. Using black accessories like belts, bags or shoes is a great way to break up colours or prints. Black also looks amazing when framing neon colours, and can be a great way to tone down a brighter look.


5. Mix And Match

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Another way to avoid looking like Morticia Adams in 30ºC+ weather, is to mix and match. You can easily pair black clothing with other colours in your wardrobe. Wear a black tank with a leopard print skirt for date night. Or maybe a pair of black denim shorts with a white t-shirt for a day in the park.