Hydrating Face Masks You Need To Try

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Hydrating face masks are what most people associate with the winter months thanks to heaters drying out our skin, but the truth is our skin also needs hydration just as much during the summer. We tend to presume that the warmer weather and sweating helps avoid flakey skin and although it does to an extent, skipping out on moisturizing in your skin care routine can be bad for your skin’s health.

Days spent out in the sun can cause your skin to dry out a bit and the constant need to wash off sweat and tanning oils can also dry out your skin. Not to mention, avoiding moisturizers actually drives your oil glands to work overtime, creating excess oil which can lead to breakouts. And who wants to deal with breakouts?

 I also hate to break it to you, but with August already here, September is just around the corner and next thing you know, you’ll be bundling up in sweaters and cozying up by the heater. With keeping all these things in mind, it becomes obviously that hydrating products are a necessity at any time of the year. Now that I’ve stressed you out with the realization that summer’s end is approaching, what better way to relax then with a face mask, right? Well luckily this week I’m sharing 5 hydrating face masks I recommend you try!

Hydrating Face Masks

1. Dr.Roebuck’s Icebergs Mask

 This hydrating mask from Australian skincare line Dr.Roebuck’s is something else. It’s clear gel formula delivers mega hydration to your skin and is perfect for all skin types from dry, thirsty skin to the most sensitive of complexions. It’s ingredients include Red Algae which helps improve your skin’s barrier function and Chamomile which helps with irritation, redness and sensitivity.

Available at DrRoebucks.ca, $35

2. Omorovicza Instant Plumping Mask

Omorovicza has got to be one of my all time favourite skin brands as I have yet to find a product that hasn’t work well with my skin. Their Instant Plumping Mask is an overnight mask that not only delivers hydration, but helps smooth out fine lines and wrinkles while contributing to your skin’s barrier function thanks to Omega 6 ceramide. I also love that this formula is vegan, gluten free and phthalate free.

Available at Sephora (online only), $325

3. Skin Owl Beauty Whip

Another one of my favourite skincare brands is Skin Owl, a brand founded on caring about ingredients in products and a love for educating their customers on skin care. Their Beauty Whip is a multi-use product that can be used as a moisturizer, booster or of course a face mask. There are so many hydrating ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid and organic Olive & Jojoba Oils which leave skin completely moisturized without feeling greasy or clogged. I love smothering my face in a layer of this before bed and waking up to soft, hydrated skin.

Available at The Detox Market, $85 – Save 10% on your order with THEMJELLE10!

4. SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Masque

I have got to be one of the only people who hasn’t tried SkinCeuticals products, until I got a sample of their Hydrating B5 Masque from a friend who swear by it (and most of their products). The Hydrating B5 Masque is a weekly treatment to help replenish your skin’s water balance. Although I only tried this product once, I was really happy with how my skin felt afterwards and my friend who used to suffer from dry patches regularly hasn’t had any issues since using it over the last year or so.

Available at Beauty Sense, $68

5. Blitz Facial Bar Radiance Mask

Would this even be a top 5 face mask list without having a sheet mask? I didn’t think so. Blitz Facial Bar is known for their many facial treatments, but also has a range of skin care products to take the treatments home with you. Their sheet mask set contains 3 masks designed to be used for 3 consecutive days to help improve your skin’s complexion. I tried their Radiance Mask from the set, which instantly boosted my skin with hydration and a glow after the 15 minute treatment.

Available at BlitzBeautyBar.com, $35 (set of 3 masks)


* This hydrating face masks list was put together based on my own experiences and product picks. I was given the Dr.Roebuck’s Icebergs mask, Skin Owl Beauty Whip & Blitz Facial Bar Radiance Mask as PR samples. I also have a collaborative partnership with The Detox Market as my go-to destination for all things natural beauty and wellness. My review and feedback on these products and my experience are 100% honest and my own as always. To learn more about my sponsored content, please visit my about me page.



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