Knit Sweaters for Fall Under $100

The MJ Elle_Knit Sweaters for Fall Under $100

Knit sweaters have got to be one of my favourite parts of my fall uniform, closely behind with my leather jackets and boots. I admittedly have an obsession with them and the minute I feel a cool breeze on my skin I’m not only pulling out my knit sweaters, but totally open to buying more. My favourite style of knit sweaters have to be turtlenecks and mock turtlenecks thanks to their cosy style and practicality for keeping warm.

To me fall’s essence is crips air, warm beverages (if you want to say pumpkin spice latte, that’s on you) and knit sweaters. There isn’t something a knit sweater can’t go with whether it’s with a pair of jeans, over dress or tucked into a pair of high waisted trousers. And just as many outfit options there are with knit sweaters, is there occasions to wear them to. So it’s pretty safe to say if you don’t own a knit sweater you probably should, and if you already own five you can own a sixth.

 The MJ Elle_Knit Sweaters for Fall Under $100_1

No matter how much I love them, when most people think of knit sweaters, they immediately think of an itchy wool knit sweaters fresh off their grandmother’s knitting needles. Some might even go straight to the Holiday’s notorious ugly Christmas sweaters, and I don’t blame you if you thinking of either. But knit sweaters don’t have to be tacky or scratchy and as it’s no news in the world of textiles, don’t even have to be made of wool.

Not only do knit sweaters not have to be unbearable, you also don’t have to spend a fortune to get a good quality one. I mean if you’ve got a thing top of the line cashmere knit sweaters you’re probably looking at spending quite a bit, but if you’re just looking for something cosy for fall you’ve got quite a few options. Things like quality, concentration and type of wool of course all play a factor in price point. A higher percentage of wool makes for warmer knit sweaters so if warmth is something you’re looking for aim for a wool count of at least 30%; I find wool knit sweaters with 30%-50% wool tend to be more than warm enough, even throughout the cold winter months.

The MJ Elle_Knit Sweaters for Fall Under $100

Because I have no shame in my game with knit sweaters asides from pulling mine out the second it hit September 21st, I also started browsing the racks for a few new ones. I found so many amazing styles and even better deals which is what inspired me to pull 5 knit sweaters under $100 to share with you all and hopefully get you just as obsessed with knit sweaters as I am!


Knit Sweaters Under $100


1. Mock Neck

The MJ Elle_Knit Sweaters Under $100_UO Lou Mock-Neck Pullover Sweater

SHOP: Urban Outfitters Lou Mock-Neck Pullover Sweater, $72

I love a good mock neck sweater just as much as a turtleneck, and I don’t even know where to start with this one from Urban Outfitters. Although it’s not exactly what you think of when you say knit sweaters it makes the list thanks to it’s cotton knit construction. It has a bit of a cropped feel with its slim oversized fit and bracelet length sleeve so it’s super versatile whether you plan on wearing it over regular rise jeans or tucking it into high waisted ones.


2. Turtle Neck

The MJ Elle_Knit Sweaters Under $100_H&M Ribbed Turtleneck Sweater

SHOP: H&M Ribbed Turtleneck Sweater, $49.99

There’s nothing better than snuggling into a turtleneck on a cool fall day, and there’s no doubt that this is one of those knit sweaters that was made for exactly that. It’s an oversized fit with wide neck that’s a great option for those who don’t usually like the snug fit necks of traditional turtlenecks. This only has 5% wool so isn’t the warmest out of the list but is still a great option for a cool fall day or layering over a long sleeve in the winter.


3. Cable Knit

The MJ Elle_Knit Sweaters Under $100_Zara Cable Knit Sweater

SHOP: Zara Cable Knit Sweater, $69.90

Bash them all you want but I’m a sucker for fisherman style cable knit sweaters, and by the looks of what I’ve seen in stores so is most of the fashion industry. Zara totally nailed this cable knit sweater giving it lots of texture, a chunky kit and classic straight fit and it feels like it’s straight out of my dad’s closet (in a good way). It also sure to be warmer than the other two knit sweaters above with 17% wool and 5% mohair amongst its materials so not only does it look good but it’s practical too. This definitely has to be a great pick if you’re looking for wool knit sweaters under $100.


4. Statement Sleeves

The MJ Elle_Knit Sweaters Under $100_Molly Bracken Plush Texture Sweater

SHOP: Molly Bracken Plush Texture Sweater, $99 at Hudson’s Bay

I have to admit statement sleeves aren’t something I wear myself thanks to my wide shoulders but I absolutely love them on everyone else and I’m trying to warm up to them myself. And I absolutely love the mixed fringe and plush statement sleeves on this Molly Bracken sweater available at Hudson’s Bay. I know you’re probably thinking that I went on this whole tangent about wool percentage and this pick has none but it has this winter wonderland vibe and is perfectly festive for the holidays that are (sorry to remind you) fastly approaching!


5. Classic Cardigan

The MJ Elle_Knit Sweaters Under $100_Oak & Fort CARDIGAN 2501

SHOP: Oak & Fort Cardigan 2501, $88

When you’re talking knit sweaters you have to talk cardigans and if you ask me just like a turtleneck, everyone should own at least one. Oak & Fort is my go-to when I’m looking for minimal pieces, so it’s no surprise that they’d have this almost perfect cardigan. It’s the to me just the right length, whether your tall or short, and gets bonus points for not only having buttons, but big buttons. I only say almost perfect cardigan it doesn’t pockets, but if you ask me I’d rather have buttons than pockets on a classic cardigan!


No matter what your style preference there are so many great picks for knit sweaters under $100 both in store and online. I do need to call out that although I did touch on wool and it’s warmth at the beginning I did fail to include a variety of options in this list made with wool. The reality is there aren’t very many wool knit sweater under $100 and I didn’t want any misrepresentations here. I also genuinely love everyone of these knit sweaters, and if I had the room (and budget, but mostly room) I’d quite honestly probably own them all. And you know me — my picks can only be 100% what I love. If you loved this list of knit sweaters under $100, stay tuned to by following me on Instagram for updates on new posts!



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