Mind And Body Detoxing: Easy Tips

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Mind and body detoxing is a great way to start the year off on a fresh and healthy track. When most of us think of health resolutions or goals for the new year we immediately turn towards juice cleanses, gym memberships and food plans. While all of these are great ways to get detoxing for the new year we all too often forget the most important part of our health: our mental state. Cleansing our mind and setting the stage for good mental health is just as important as purging your fridge of junk food or getting your sneakers out from the back of your closet.

I decided to trade in the typical new year’s resolution this year to focus on something I thought was a little more realistic to stick to long term: mind and body detoxing. For me, mind and body detoxing happens in two stages: the preliminary detox followed by continuous upkeep which is why it works out well for me as a year long goal. I started to focus on this earlier in 2018 that included small things like increasing my water intake, using essential oils and getting into a better sleeping routine. But just like everyone else the Holidays had me falling victim to crazy schedules and not so healthy indulging, so it’s time to not only hit the reset button but take it up a notch.

If you have mind and body detoxing on the agenda for 2019 like me you’re going to want to checkout my easy to implement tips for a healthy mind, body and spirit.


Mind and Body Detoxing: Body


1. Drink More Tea

The MJ Elle_Mind And Body Detoxing_Kusmi Detox Teas

These days thanks to Instagram when most of us hear detox, we think of those gimmicky detox teas that promise a tiny waist. While you should be skeptical of most of these claims the truth is drinking tea, especially green tea, is actually good for you. I’ve recently not only switched out my sugary beverage cravings for teas, but even my morning coffees thanks to Kusmi Tea. I recently got their range of detox teas (Detox, Blue Detox and BB Detox), green tea blends that are perfect for proper tea detoxing. Drinking them alone isn’t the sole answer to your dream body but as an add-on to a healthy routine they help boost your metabolism, cut sweet cravings and is a “cleaner” form of caffeine.

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2. Acupuncture

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Mind and body detoxing starts with good energy, and what better way to clear yours than with acupuncture? I tried acupuncture for the first time about 6 years ago to help with migraines and was immediately a fan of it. Acupuncture is a key component of Traditional Chinese Medicine meant to realign your energy, or Qi. It’s used to treat a variety of issues from fertility, pain and acne, while also just being a good way to realign your overall health. I recently learned that acupuncture can also be used for cosmetic facial treatments thanks to Kacie Krecolowich R.Ac, owner of SILK+PALM in Yorkville. Asides from traditional acupuncture treatments, Kacie also offers cosmetic treatments, gua sha facials and cupping.

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3. Juice Cleanse

The MJ Elle_Mind And Body Detoxing_Elxr Juice Lab Cleanse

Would it even be mind and body detoxing season if you didn’t do a juice cleanse? While there’s a lot of back and forth in the health community on how effective (and healthy) juice cleanses are, I’m a big believer in them being a great way to reboot your system or kick off a new eating plan. I usually stick to doing 1 or 3 day cleanses when I feel I need a reset to get back on track with healthy eating, like right after the Holidays. I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to cold-pressed juice and always look to ELXR Juice Lab for all my cleansing needs. They keep it super simple giving you 2 cleanse packs to choose from with the option to select how many days you want to cleanse for.

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4. At-Home Workouts

The MJ Elle_Mind And Body Detoxing_At-Home Workouts

We all say we want to go to the gym, but most of us never actually do. And to do mind and body detoxing the right way we need to get active on some level. Workout is not only good for getting in shape, but it helps us burn energy which lowers anxiety, stress and helps us sleep better at night. If committing to a gym or fitness studio isn’t something you feel you can do or fit into your schedule, try working out at home. There are so many apps available with fitness coaches, workout plans and other tools to make getting in shape from the comfort of your home a breeze. I recommend getting a few things like weights or kettlebells and tension bands to enhance your at home workouts.


Mind and Body Detoxing: Mind


1. The Five-Minute Journal

The MJ Elle_Mind And Body Detoxing_The Five-Minute Journal

Good mental health starts with taking time for yourself to clear your mind. I remember in a few language classes being asked to keep a journal and finding it useless. Fast forward over a decade and I’m starting to realize how good of a habit that is. But if I’m being honest I have no idea where to start when it comes to writing a journal. I’ve seen The Five-Minute Journal everywhere on Instagram and always thought about getting one. So when I finally got it for Christmas I was pretty excited about it. The Five-Minute journal is designed to help you take time daily to focus on yourself. You complete each entry as you wake up in the morning and before going to bed to get you setting intentions and celebrating the positivity in your life. Every mind and body detoxing kit needs to include The Five-Minute Journal!

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2. Essential Oils

The MJ Elle_Mind And Body Detoxing_Essential Oils

A great way to calm the mind while combining mind and body detoxing is with essential oils. Although mostly known for aromatherapeutic benefits, essential oils can also be used topically to treat a variety of concerns. When it comes to detoxing the mind, there are a wide range of essential oils like Lavender, Clary Sage and Peppermint. I personally love to apply essential oils on my pressure points, or use them in a diffuser to help spread their essence throughout my home. Saje is a big name in essential oils and I recently haven’t been able to go to the mall without stopping inside one.

Shop: Saje Wellness


3. Salt Lamps

The MJ Elle_Mind And Body Detoxing_Salt Lamp

There’s a bit of skepticism when it comes to Salt Lamps but they’ve become a huge home decor trend that I had to try for myself. And honestly be it a placebo effect or not I do find it’s help us with mind and body detoxing. Salt Lamps are said to provide a wide range of benefits including air purification and reducing electromagnetic radiation. Although I’m not sure how entirely true all their health claims are, I do find them particularly helpful in boosting energy and reducing stressed especially when placed beside my electronics. I have a lamp on my desk beside my computer monitor, and a second in our living room beside our television. I’ve noticed a change in the way I’m affected by my tech devices, especially in my office where I spend the majority of my time working off my computer. I picked our latest one up at Indigo just after Christmas and it’s been a great addition to our home, both for health and decor.

Shop: Auria White Salt Lamp, available at Indigo $40


4. Palo Santo

The MJ Elle_Mind And Body Detoxing_Omni Botanicals Palo Santo

Probably my ultimate saviour and secret weapon for mind and body detoxing is no doubt Palo Santo. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s a tree grown in South America said to have medicinal and therapeutic benefits. Back in South America where it’s grown they use it for its cleansing powers which is said to rid of negative energy, disease and bad luck. I’ve been using Palo Santo in my house over the last few months as not only a natural incense, but as a way to cleanse my space and crystals. To use a Palo Santo stick, you burn it from end from 30-60 seconds depending on the size of the piece. Once lit, you blow out the flame and lightly fan the embers to release it’s cleansing smoke. I find the entire process alone of igniting my Palo Santo to be extremely calming or soothing, that in itself is a great way to take a pause throughout the day to destress. I’ve also found lighting it in the room helps ease anxiety in the dogs during storms and other high energy events. You can find Palo Santo at Whole Foods, spiritual stores or through Omni Botanicals.

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There are so many great ways to dedicate some time this year to better mind and body health that can easily fit into any lifestyle or schedule. Mind and body detoxing is a great way to kick off the new year, but should also be maintained throughout the year for optimal results and overall well being. I personally like to detox a few times throughout the year at least once a season to ensure I take some me time. Mind and body detoxing doesn’t have to be a big production, it can be as simple as trying out one of my above suggestions, or just taking time to unplug and reconnect with yourself.

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* This Mind and Body Detoxing guide was put together using inspiration from items I’ve been previously gifted by my brand partners Kusmi Tea, Omni Botanicals and SILK+PALM, however is not directly sponsored. My review and feedback on these products and my overall experience is 100% honest and authentic as always. To learn more about my sponsored content, please visit my about me page.



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