My Microblading Experience Part 2: Healing & Touch-Up

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Back in February, I finally got my eyebrows microbladed with Caren after a couple years of going back and forth on it. We decided to document the process and give a bit of insight into what’s expected and shared the initial appointment in part 1 of my microblading experience. If you’re thinking about getting your eyebrows microbladed and didn’t get a chance to read part 1, I really recommend you take the time to read it. Caren and I were sure to be 100% honest about the entire process from pre-appointment up until post healing, so that you can really get a good picture of what to expect. But if you’re being lazy, here’s the quick Cole’s Notes version.

There are some pre-appointment requirements to keep in like things you’ll want to avoid consuming and preparing your skin for the process. You’ll also probably want to take care of your other beauty routines like washing your hair the day before and filling your eyelash extensions. You’ll probably have to wait about a month or so before you can get your eyelash extensions done to avoid your eyelash technician from resting on your healing eyebrows. This pre-appointment prep is the same for your touch-up appointment. Your microblading artist should go over all the pre-appointment guidelines when booking your session, so that you’re prepared for the day of. Once you’ve gone through post-care requirements and signed consent forms, your microblading artist will begin measuring out your eyebrows, drawing a template for what they will look like and picking out the colour. Not including the time it took for my numbing to kick in, and all the chatting we did, your first appointment on average will usually last about 30-40 minutes, depending on how fast your technician works and how much work is required.

If you checked out part 1, you would have read about the small hiccup I had with healing about a week or so after my session. After consulting with Caren and doing my own research, we slightly tweaked my aftercare and got my healing right back on track. But because of the slight issue with healing, Caren decided that I wait a full 3 months before my touch up appointment to ensure the best results. Every microblading process includes your initial appointment and touch-up to perfect the shape, so nothing out of the ordinary here. Having gotten them done at the end of February, my touch-up session was scheduled for May

This is what my eyebrows looked like the day before going in for my touch-up with Caren. Apologizing in advance for the low-quality image, the original images I took got lost on a corrupt memory card.


Diving right into the appointment this time was a little different than the initial session. The pre-appointment care remained the same however, so make sure to check out part 1 if you’re looking for a full run down on preparing for your appointment. Caren took a look at how my eyebrows healed and got a feel for what parts of my eyebrows needed a touch-up. We discussed what enhancements I wanted, what she thought my brows needed and we decided to go a bit warmer with the colour to balance the original ashy tone we went with while adding more dimension to my brows. Caren and I decided to skip the first round of numbing creaming and go right into blading my brows so she could add the stronger numbing solution, which only works once some cuts are made into the brows.

Immediately after my touch-up appointment.

The touch-up appointment was a little quicker than the initial, lasting about 20-25 minutes. Other than the general touch up we included a few more feathered strokes on the head of my brows. Unlike the first session, we did not do any shading and rather just stuck to doing strokes throughout my eyebrows. Now that I’ve had my main touch-up, I’ll only require yearly ones to upkeep shape and strokes. The yearly touch-ups cost a fraction of the initial appointment and are required if you want to keep the look of your brows. In all honest between the money I’ve saved on make-up and the time I’ve gained in the morning, it’s definitively worth the investment.

Post-Appointment & Aftercare

Having had the slight hiccups I did the first time around, Caren decided to switch up my aftercare to something that would be a little more breathable for my eyebrows. Because of my skin type and thickness of the eyebrow hairs I have, my eyebrows have a harder time keeping oils and overall moisture away. The original aftercare product she provided me with did not allow enough breathing for my healing, although it’s worked great for her other clients prior. Caren decided to go with the  the aftercare gel from Tina Davies, also the brand of her disposable tools, and Dial Complete Antibacterial Foaming Soap as my cleanser. By day 3 I already noticed a totally different trend with my healing and by just over a week in I could really see my eyebrows healing without a hitch.

Just over 3 weeks after my touch-up, strokes are starting to come through, and the last bit of flaking/scabbing is practically over. I was totally happy with how my eyebrows looked before my touch-up session and now I’m even more in love. Caren has really been able to create the perfect set of brows that suit my face, compliment my brow shape and most importantly, don’t look drawn on.

Two days after my touch-up session.

I’m really looking forward to seeing how my eyebrows heal and how they turn out over time, remembering as I mentioned that yearly touch-ups are required. I couldn’t be more happy with the entire process and Caren’s work and if you’re looking at getting microblading done, I highly recommend you speak with Caren!


* Caren provided me with my microblading session, touch-up and an additional yearly touch-up complimentary in exchange sharing my experience with my friends and followers. My review and feedback on her services, and my overall experience with microblading are 100% honest and my own as you can always expect from me. To learn more about my sponsored content, please visit my about me page.



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