My Microblading Experience Part 3: Final Reveal & Overall Review


Well, it’s been almost 2 months since I had my microblading touch-up with Caren and my eyebrows have fully healed. My microblading experience all started back in February when I went to Caren for my first appointment. Because I had been going back and forth about getting microbladed, I had done quite a bit of research and knew just what to expect. It’s important to not go into your appointment blindly and I recommend checking out my part 1 of this series where I go through what to expect including pre-appointment preparations.

Eyebrows before & after microblading.

With Caren’s almost 2 decades of experience in the cosmetics and makeup industry, she was amazing at coming up with a shape that looked natural while suiting my face structure perfectly. By my first appointment I was already super please with how my eyebrows were turning out. We had to wait until the end of May for my touch up appointment due to a slight complication with my healing and Caren wanted to ensure that they healed up properly before continuing on with a second round.

With my touchup appointment we planned to fill in any missed areas and fully define the desired shape, while also blending the first colour with something a bit lighter to give them a more natural appearance. You can expect the second appointment to be a bit shorter than the first procedure, depending on how the first round of microblading took to your skin. As I discussed in part 2 of the series, Caren switched up what we used for my aftercare just a bit to allow for my eyebrows to breathe more throughout healing thanks to my naturally thicker hair and skin type. We used the Tina Davies aftercare gel and I definitively noticed not only an easier healing process but a faster one.

I said it twice already now in both parts 1 and 2, but I cannot stress enough how happy I have been with the overall experience with Caren and the results of my microblading. Not only did she do amazing work, but Caren was available via text and Instagram every step of the way and was great to check in on me to see how things were going. Since my eyebrows have been cleared for make-up applications, I still haven’t bothered to apply anything to them once, even when choosing to do a bit heavier of a make-up look. I’ve also noticed that because my eyebrows are microbladed slightly thicker than what they are, that my natural hairs are having a chance to grow back in, without my eyebrows looking un-groomed. Between saving money on products and saving my brows from the early 2000’s, I’d say that this has been the ultimate win-win!

I wanted to share with you guys two make-up looks with my finished brows, a more natural look with natural brows and a heavier make-up application with a lined brow, so that you could get a feel for the overall results.



* Caren provided me with my microblading session, touch-up and an additional yearly touch-up complimentary in exchange sharing my experience with my friends and followers. My review and feedback on her services, and my overall experience with microblading are 100% honest and my own as you can always expect from me. To learn more about my sponsored content, please visit my about me page.