Pre-Fall Wardrobe Staples 2018


I think we’re all starting to accept that summer 2018’s days are over. As much as I usually love the summer, this year’s extreme heat and humidity has me wishing it farewell and craving cooler fall weather. That’s kind of why I love the pre-fall; which to me is usually the month of September and maybe the first couple weeks of October if the weather’s right. The minute we see September 1st we all cry that summer’s over but the truth is the first day of fall isn’t until the 22nd. And even after the first day of fall, we’re usually given some courtesy days of warm weather.

It’s these weeks leading up to fall and the few thereafter where we get to have fun with our wardrobes; those cooler mornings turn into warm days and evenings. We can slowly make the transition in our closets from denim shorts to cozy knits and we can even get away with pairing our summer and fall favourites to put together looks. It can be a bit of a challenge balancing the blend of cooler and warm weather but it’s also a chance get a little bit more wear out of some of your favourite summer pieces.

For me, it’s all about easy light layers for pre-fall that can keep me warm at the beginning of the day, but aren’t heavy and easy to carry around with you later in the day as it warms up. With the size of most condos and apartments these days not everyone has the luxury of keeping their entire wardrobe inside their closets year round, which means seasonal rotations. Luckily not all your summer pieces will work into the fall and September/October usually aren’t quite ready for those heavy knits and bulkier pieces. This means that you can start putting away those warm weather pieces you can’t transition into the fall while slowly pulling our your fall/winter clothes.

Tank tops with heavier jeans and sundresses with jackets and booties, enjoy this time for style because it doesn’t last long. Whether you’re trying to hold onto the summer longer, or reaching for fall fashions here are my pre-fall 2018 wardrobe staples to help you transition the seasons in style!


Pre-Fall 2018 Wardrobe Staples


Denim Jacket

I live for jackets. I love how they can change the direction of a look taking it from casual with a bomber jacket to more formal look with a blazer. It’s one of the pieces of clothing I miss most during the warmer summer months, and I’m always so eager to bring out my denim and biker jackets. Denim jackets are definitely a great transitional piece for pre-fall as they keep you warm when its cooler but a lightweight enough to carry around with you as it warms up throughout the day. I also love that denim jackets can be jacket into the colder months both worn over sweaters and underneath coats for a cool layered yet practical look.

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Palazzo Pants

Palazzo pants, or really anything maxi like a dress or skirt, are a great transitional piece from summer to fall. I like palazzo pants and maxi skirts as alternatives to dresses, because you have more versatility when it comes to mix and matching outfits ultimately getting more use out of them. Their length make them perfect for as the days get cooler but their flowing and usually lighter fabrics are great for warmer temperatures. Palazzo pants are a great piece for any occasion be it to the office, a wedding or even just out to brunch with friends.

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Enclosed Sandals

One thing I love about the summer is the ease when it comes to footwear. Don’t get me wrong, I love my boots but slides, sandals and sock-free life just seems like less of a fuss to me. I love getting a few more weeks out of my summer shoes but as the days get cooler, you just look silly in flip flops. That’s why I try and ride out wearing my enclosed sandals, more covered slides and flats while the weather permits, pairing them with more weather appropriate items like jeans and dress pants to transition them into fall.

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News/Fisherman Caps

I’m a huge hat person but the news/fisherman style caps have got to be my hat of the moment right now. You’ll probably find me wearing one at least twice a week, and I’m always on the hunt for a new one when shopping. These hats can add a bit of edginess to a outfit or even complete a simple t-shirt and jeans look with ease. I also love them to cover a bad hair day, get away with not washing your hair for an extra day or even helping you keep your hair together during windier days, very common during the fall months.

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Tote Bag

Although tote bags are really a year-wide style necessity, I find them especially important in transitional seasons like the spring and fall. Those cooler mornings means we need layers but usually by 11 AM, it’s warm enough to go without. It’s not always a big deal to carry around a smaller jacket, but when commuting on public transit or lugging around your laptop to work a small jacket can turn into a huge inconvenience. This is why to me, tote bags are no doubt apart of pre-fall wardrobe staples. Finding thinner cloth bags are great options as they can easily be folded up and put into a purse or even jacket pocket compactly when they aren’t needed.

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The important thing to keep in mind when planning your pre-fall 2018 wardrobe staples, is mixing your summer favourites with those fall pieces you’ve been dying to wear.


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