Shop My Look: Bucket Hat Styling With Tilley

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By now it’s pretty obvious that I’m at hat person. Very rarely do I throw together an outfit without one. I think it’s a great way to effortlessly complete a look, with added functionality for the season. In the summer, I’m always reaching for my wide brim hats for some chic sun protection. But this year I switched it up and finally gave the bucket hat trend a try. Growing up as a Girl Guide I wore my fair share of bucket hats camping. So when they appeared as a streetstyle staple it took me a while to get used to them. Besides when a trend from your childhood return it can always make you feel a little old. When Tilley sent me their The Iconic T1 bucket hat I have to admit I enjoyed the nostalgia that came with it!

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Tilley is a classic Canadian brand with a focus on outdoor apparel and accessories.  Tilley is known for the quality of craftsmanship they put into their products. It takes the hard work and care of 23 different hands to make one Tilley hat. My grandparents are huge fans of the brand, and introduced me to the brand as a kid. And I can guarantee they still have many of the original hats they bought decades ago. The Iconic T1 bucket hat is a revamp of the style that started the brand back in 1980. 40 years later the brand is still going strong.

Since bucket hats bring me back to my childhood, I thought a 90’s inspired outfit was the way to go. I put together this casual look and instantly had Len’s Steal My Sunshine stuck in my head the rest of the day. Apologies in advance for getting it stuck in your head too.


Bucket Hat Styling With Tilley

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The 90’s were all about big pants and fanny packs. I fell in love with these pants I found at Zara that remind me of the classic Canadian pant, Modrobes. For those who don’t remember these late 90’s/early 2000’s style must-have, they’re the hospital scrub inspired pant that every cool kid had to have. I myself had at least 3 pairs in sky blue, orange and of course black. Out of all the flashback trends coming back this is one that I miss the most. But unfortunately it’s also one that will never return with the brand dead and gone.

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Fanny packs aren’t just trendy, they’re also extremely practical. Take it from this dog mom of 2, fanny packs make it easy to carry your essentials hands-free. I thought this was the perfect bag to pair with a bucket hat to keep the 90’s cool kid vibe going. Fanny packs are one of the trends I’ve been most excited about coming back, and I hope they stay around for a while.

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Shop My Look

  • HAT: Tilley The Iconic T1, $85
  • SUNGLASSES: Quay Barnun Sunglasses (similar), available at Hudson’s Bay, $70
  • T-SHIRT: Richer Poorer Fitted Tee (similar), available at Good Neighbour, $45
  • BAG: Main Character Classic Waistpack (similar), available at Aritzia, $48
  • PANTS: Zara Oversized Drawstring Pants TRF, $50
  • SHOES: Adidas Adilette Slides, available at Good Neighbour, $45


* This post was put together using inspiration from the Tilley The Iconic T1 bucket hat which was gifted to me by the brand, however is not directly sponsored. My review and feedback on these products and my overall experience is 100% honest and authentic as always. To learn more about my sponsored content, please visit my about me page.