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I love a good casual chic look for everyday activities like running errands or informal meetings. It’s a great way to look put together while still being totally comfortable especially on days where your schedule has you busy running around town. My time in corporate environments got me nailing casual chic after years putting together looks for casual Fridays. I kind of like to think of casual chic being something in between the PTA mom pick-up and going for brunch look. It’s class and comfort all bundled into one that’s super easy to wear.

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To properly pull off a proper casual chic look, you want to start by pairing classic tailor pieces like a blazer or trousers with informal items such a leather jacket or jeans. Anyone who owns a capsule wardrobe with key pieces like a blouse, blazer, jeans, trousers and t-shirts, can easily mix and match casual chic looks for almost everyday of the week. If you’re looking for celebrities to turn to for casual chic outfit inspiration look to no other than Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Olivia Palermo and Morgan Stewart who not only pull it off effortlessly but turn to it on the regular.

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Select your footwear for your casual chic look based on the event, and what you’re pairing together. For a day where you find yourself busier and on your feet, try wearing sneakers, flats or loafers like I did. If you’re wearing more casual items like jeans and a t-shirt and want to feel a bit more chic than casual, a pair of pumps or ankle booties work great to elevate what would other feels like too casual of an outfit.

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I put together this casual chic look for a day of meetings with clients and running errands, because I was planning on being out for a few hours on the go around the city, and wanted to be comfortable. I got super lucky that I was able to go a bit more casual this time around and pull together my look with my Gucci loafers thanks to warmer temperatures and no snow for this time of year. I plan on getting as much wear out of these as I can while Mother Nature permits, so expect a few more casual chic looks to creep up on my Instagram feed.

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The finishing touch for me with any outfit has to be the handbag, and this Tagliovivo Leather Doctor Bag was the perfect fit to complete the casual chic vibe. This bag is super well made and is the perfect size to carry around not only my essentials like wallet and lipsticks but also notebooks and even fits my DSLR camera, while still being the perfect size to wear for a day on the go. Inside is linen lined with a divider, zip pocket for valuables and a pouch pocket for easy access, with an iron hook closure.

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Shop My Look: Casual Chic

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* This Shop My Look was put together using inspiration from the Tagliovivo Doctor Bag, which was sent to me by the brand. My review and feedback on this product and my overall experience is 100% honest and authentic as always. To learn more about my sponsored content, please visit my about me page.