Silk’n Blue Acne Eliminator Review


I wanted to start this one off cute but talking about acne and breakouts just isn’t cute. I was blessed to not have problem skin throughout my teenage years other than the casual small breakout but as I get older and inching towards my 30s, I’m having a harder time keeping my skin clear. Both my parents eldest sisters have struggled with adult acne and luckily for me they passed on that torch. It might be the bad jeans, or thinking my skin was in the clear (ha, see what I did there?) but I’m pretty bitter about all of it.

Over the last 18 months I tried everything from switching my skin care routine, to changing my make-up and brush cleaners, and yes I’ve even done the lemon water detox, multiple times. I also completely switched out my dietary consumptions over the last 3 months to an alkaline based diet, although for other health reasons. I’m basically vegan/plant-based except I can cheat sometimes if I really want to indulge. Full disclosure, the detox process did worsen the breakouts but that’s how it goes.

Thankfully 3 months in and being in post-detox stage, my skin definitively improved but it still wasn’t where I wanted it. I began to research non-surgical treatments available at med-spas and at home to see what if at all could work for me. That’s when I came across Silk’n and their range of affordable at-home aesthetic devices, like their Blue Acne Eliminator Device.

The Silk’n range of devices are designed by industry professionals, scientists and engineers who spent over 10 years developing medical-quality devices for cosmetic surgeons and technicians. They came together to bring the same quality know from med-spas to the comfort and privacy of your own home.

I got my Blue Acne Eliminator Device about a month ago and per the instructions, I’ve used it twice a week since. I noticed immediate changes in some of my bigger breakouts by the next day and results in 3 days. After using this device for about a month now, I have totally noticed an overall different in my entire skin, including my problem areas.

I’ll probably continue to use it twice a week for the next couple weeks, then drop down to weekly and eventually as needed once my skin is completely clear. It’s also great to use on occasional breakouts so I know I’ll be keeping the Blue in my arsenal of beauty tools!

* Silk’n Solution sent me their Blue™ Acne Eliminator Device to try, review and share with my friends and followers. My review and feedback on these products and my experience are 100% honest and my own as always. For more information on my sponsored content, visit my about page.