Silk’n Flash&Go Jewel Review

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Silk’n is one of my favourite brands when it comes to at-home aesthetic devices. Silk’n has a devices to treat nearly every skin concern like anti-aging,, hair removal and acne, fitting the needs of consumers of all ages. Silk’n also sticks to the basics of skin care with their powered cleansing brushes like the recently launched Fresh brush, which I personal think everyone should own! What makes Silk’n devices such a huge hit with their customers is that their number one focus is to ensure every device is simple to use while delivering the results you want, all from the comfort of your own home.

Silk’n originally got their start by exploring ways to bring Intense Pulse Light (IPL) out of the doctor’s office and into our homes, to make permanent hair removal a more private experience. Their line of laser hair removal devices, the Flash&Go collection, offers 3 different options for laser hair removal devices for different needs and at different price points. The Silk’n Flash&Go collection is not only user friend, but effective thanks to it’s medi-spa quality technology. Don’t believe me? Well maybe you’ll take Dr.Mullohand’s (from Toronto’s SpaMedica) word for it.


Now in full disclosure, Silk’n is a brand partner of mine that I’ve worked with for over a year now. But as most of you have come to know and love about me, is that I never work with brands or promote products that I don’t believe in or actually use in my day to day life. I was sent the Silk’n Flash&Go Jewel device to test out and review for you all and I after all my success with their other devices I didn’t even have to think twice when it came to accepting.

Laser hair removal isn’t usually something that we talk about in the fall, after all the days of laying by the pool are over so we can get back to hibernating in our sweatpants. The truth is there’s no better time than the winter to get rid of unwanted hair and start preparing for shorts and tank tops for next summer. The Silk’n Flash&Go Jewel is great because you can use it both on your face and body so you can do one entire treatment without having to switch devices for different areas.

Silk'n Flash&Go Jewel

After getting the chance to do a few treatments, get a feel for how to use the Jewel and see results I’m ready to share my verdict. It’s important to note some things before I dive into this review to properly set everyone’s expectations. Whether you decide to get an at-home device like the Silk’n Jewel or invest in getting professional sessions, laser hair removal isn’t actually permanent. Laser hair removal works by damaging the hair follicle with lasers to minimize growth, where the permanent option electrolysis inserts tiny needles into the follicles to send an electric shock to kill the hair follicle completely. Silk’n uses their patent Home Pulsed Light technology that is transmitted to the hair follicle to permanently disable it.

Another expectation you need to be aware of is that your skin type determines what kind of laser will provide optimal results; some lasers work better for one particular skin type where others are more universal. So when going to see a professional for laser hair removal treatments chances are they have different devices or types of laser to treat a variety of patients. With an at home device like Silk’n Jewel, it’ll use a laser that works on the majority of skin and hair types, so while most people will experience great results almost immediately others may need to perform more treatments overtime to reduce hair growth.

Silk’n Flash&Go Jewel Review

What’s in the Box

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The one thing I have to say about Silk’n, is their boxing is always on point. Silk’n always uses good quality boxes to protect devices yet aren’t overly wasteful. Your Silk’n Flash&Go Jewel comes with the device, power cord, instruction manual and warranty card.

Preparing for Your Treatment

Preparing for your treatment with the Silk’n Flash&Go Jewel is straight forward. Before you start anything, I really recommend you go through the entire manual, especially the safety and health warnings. I then recommend that you do a spot test as per instructions before going on to a full treatment, just in case. You want to wash, shave and dry the treatment area before you begin, and do not apply any products onto the skin. Use a fragrance-free moisturizer for sensitive skin after your laser hair removal treatment, it helps sooth skin and keep it moisturised. I also recommend avoiding irritating the treatment area the first few hours after use with things like exfoliants or sunlight especially if you have sensitive skin, so I usually do my treatments at the end of the day. You don’t need to worry about wearing clothing over where you’ve treated thought.

Using the Silk’n Flash&Go Jewel

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Using the Silk’n Flash&Go Jewel might be a bit intimidating the first time you use it, but over time you’ll come to realize it’s super easy. Plug the power cord into the Silk’n Jewel before plugging it into the wall. Press the power button to turn on your device, and it’ll power on to Level 1, the lowest level. Wait a few seconds for the ready light to turn on and then you can press the power button to change intensity. You can head to the Silk’n website and watch their tutorial videos to get an idea of what a treatment session should look like.

Post-Treatment and Maintenance

When you’re done using your Silk’n Flash&Go Jewel simply press and hold down the power button to shut it off, unplug the power cord from the wall, and remove it from the Jewel. To clean the Silk’n Jewel use a clean and dry cloth to wipe the device’s treatment surface. The Silk’n Flash&Go Jewel unlike other laser hair removal devices does not require cartridge refills, as it’s preloaded with 300,000 flashes, more than enough for a lifetime of treatments.

The MJ Elle_Silkn Jewel

I’ve been using the Silk’n Flash&Go Jewel on a routine now for a few weeks and I’ve already noticed a slow down in hair growth. With noticeable results already, I’m looking forward to continuing my treatments throughout the winter, and being hair-free for the summer months!


* Silk’n provided me with their Flash&Go Jewel to try out and share with my readers. My review and feedback on services and my overall experience is 100% honest and authentic as always. To learn more about my sponsored content, please visit my about me page.