Spring Closet Cleaning

Spring Closet Cleaning_French Minimalist Wardrobe

Spring closet cleaning is a great way to welcome in the renewing energy of the season. We often take this time of year to clean out our homes to prepare for welcoming in the warm weather with open windows. But a lot of us don’t realize it’s a great time to also go through out closet and get rid of pieces we are no longer wearing and free up space, especially with how fast trends move these days. Whether you’re love for style is struggling in a small 500 sqft apartment closet or you have the freedom of his and hers walk-in closets, holding legging go of old items we no longer wear, especially if it’s a major fad piece.

I myself recently gave my closet a spring cleaning and not only did I gain loads of space, I also felt lighter and refreshed after spending the afternoon organizing. I decided it would be a great idea to share some of the ways I do my spring closet cleaning and some tips to make it easier to manage – regardless of your closet size!

1. Keep, Donate or Toss

One of my go-to ways to clean out and re-organize my closet is pulling everything out of it and playing what I like to call Keep, Donate or Toss. The concept is simple, you go through each piece in your closet and split them into 3 piles: things to keep, things to give away or donate and things to toss. I pretty much look at each piece and ask myself if I’ve worn it in the last 3 months (taking seasons into account), do I have something newer that is similar and how versatile is this piece versus the direction my style is currently going. If it checks off all boxes, it stays but if it doesn’t and is in wearable condition, I will either donate it, give it to a friend or for those more expensive piece it, sell it to a consignment/reseller. The only pieces that end up in the “Toss” section are extremely worn items that just cannot be donated like items with holes or my overused hair-dye T-shirts. The key to Keep, Donate or Toss is going in with the mentality that you want to lighten your closet, even if its by 2-3 items each time. As for frequency, I try and do this seasonally to lessen the burden each time.

2. Rotate Your Closet Seasonally

Spring closet cleaning means it’s time to pull out those summer items like sundresses, shorts and sandals. Between living in small, typical Toronto Condos (and their miniature closets) and having a partner who’s wardrobe (and shoe collection) rivals yours, we rotate our closets out bi-annually and keep our out-of-season items in storage: once for spring/summer and another for fall/winter. We fold everything and store it as compactly as I can in duffle bags, bins and garment bags; but this with storage method comes wrinkly clothes that need freshening up, no matter how many dryer sheets you packed in. Thankfully I was recently gifted the X-Cel Steam by Rowenta*, so this year instead of having to re-wash those wrinkle-prone items I was able to steam everything easy and efficiently!

This handheld yet powerful garment steamer can also be used on household items like sofas and curtains, heats up in 45 seconds and it’s removable tank gives you on average 20 minutes of steaming at a time before requiring a refill. My Rowenta X-Cel Steam handheld steamer not only made my spring closet cleaning fast, but is keeping all my wrinkle-prone fabrics looking crips all year round!

3. Collapsible Hangers

If you’re still dealing with a lack of closet space even with seasonal wardrobe switch-outs, you should look at collapsible or space-saving hangers. Hanging your items in general is the best way to optimize small storage but sometimes there are just one too many jackets or pairs of jeans, and a hanging needs a hand. There are a variety of different styles of these, from pant hangers to scarf holders that work great to hang your items as compactly as possible. My advice is using these hanging systems for items that aren’t bulky and store slimmer pieces, for example I store all my leggings – both athletic and style – on a multi pant hanger whereas when I use this for my jeans it tends to be too bulky and not save any space at all. Also, avoid hanging extremely heavy items all together on one system, which can damage both the hanger itself and warp your closet rod.

4. Storage Bins/In-Closet Storage

Another great way to utilize space and organize your closet is using storage bins and in-closet storage, and a spring closet cleaning session is the perfect time to switch up your storage system. If you want to keep things simple and affordable, especially if you’re in a temporary rental space, slim bins and smaller portable storage systems make great choices to keep your clothes neat and tidy. For those in a more permanent space going the distance of customizing your closet with built-in storage systems, like the famous Ikea systems for example, is a style-enthusiasts dream. I’ve also see people use bookcases or shelving outside of their closets to store things like shoes, bags, accessories and other items that can’t be hung, especially when space is tight. The good thing about using this method to organize your wardrobe is the possibilities are endless!

5. The French Minimalist Wardrobe

Are you just too lazy to do all of the above and would rather keep your spring closet cleaning short and sweet, then maybe trying a French minimalist wardrobe is something for you! If you’re an avid pinner like me, then you’ve surely seen this on Pinterest a few times. The concept is to select minimal, versatile and staple pieces that are neutral colours when shopping for your wardrobe that when paired together, creating endless outfit options. So you essentially have one of each wardrobe staple: one blazer, one little black dress, one pair of slacks, one pair of loafers… To most this may seem literally impossible to achieve, and believe me I am not someone who could 100% do this, but the truth is this is a classic practice of many bloggers, style enthusiasts and yes French fashion lovers.

Spring closet cleaning doesn’t need to be a chore and can actually be a lot of fun! You can choose to keep a simple closet like the French minimalist wardrobe, or going through a more rigorous process like seasonal swaps, but whatever you do making the process fun and most importantly fit what works for you is the best way to make sure spring closet cleaning is a routine you can keep!


Rowenta gifted me their X-Cel Steamer at the Rock It Promo SS 2018 Media Preview. My review and feedback on my use of this product is 100% honest and my own as you can always expect from me. To learn more about my sponsored content and brand collaborations, please visit my about me page.



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