Summer Hair Care Guide

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It took a little longer for some of us this year, but summer weather is finally here! Summer hair is all about quick and effortless styles like beach waves and braids that are easy to wear during even the hottest days. Some of us may even find ourselves going a little lighter with our hair colour, or trying out a shorter cut. While the warm weather has us switching up our activities, wardrobes and skin care, taking the time to refresh our summer hair care routine is just as important as trying the trends. We’ve worked all year for these summer hair goals so let’s not put it to waste by not using the right summer hair care products!

The MJ Elle_Summer Hair Care Guide

For me, the warmer temperatures usually involves skipping out on blow dryers and hair irons, but that doesn’t mean I find myself slacking on a proper summer hair care routine. Whether it’s beach waves or a quick top knot to help stay cool, our hair does take on quite a beating even if we’re not using our styling tools as frequently. And while we’re all doing the most to take care of our skin from sun damage so many of us forget to protect our hair from it. With the warm weather finally here I took a proper look at my hair care routine to adjust it for the season and I have found some really great products to keep colour fresh and hair healthy all summer long!


Summer Hair Care Guide

Phyto Phytoargent No Yellow Shampoo

The MJ Elle_Summer Hair Care Guide_Phyto Phytoargent

Whether you’re blonde all year long or go lighter for the summer, keeping your blonde the right tone is priority. Throughout my years as a blonde I’ve tried a lot of purple shampoos from formulas that barely do any toning, to others that just dry out hair completely. I discovered Phyto a couple months ago and the history the brand has in the in hair industry and was completely blown away. Their botanical approach to hair care that still produces results is something I’ve been searching for as a fan of green beauty so when I saw then had a toning shampoo I knew I had to try it out. Unlike other toning shampoos that leave your hair dry after using, my hair feels replenished of nutrients thanks to the plant power of 50% cornflower extract that helps soften hair. With just one use brassiness was dramatically reduced in my hair, and since then it’s my go-to toning shampoo to keep my hair ashy. If blonde is your summer hair colour choice, I recommend you pick yourself up a bottle.

Shop: Phyto Phytoargent No Yellow Shampoo, $22


Playa Endless Summer Spray

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Beach waves are everything in the summer but if you don’t live by the beach, or plan on going to one you might have to turn to a texturizing salt spray to achieve this summer hair look. Being born with naturally dead straight hair I’ve searched high and low for a salt spray that actually worked to help build texture and waves without leaving my hair crunchy or with a sticky film, and time and time again I’ve been disappointed. I recently attended a private dinner with Playa Beauty, where I was introduced to their Endless Summer Spray. Let me just say, this is a major summer hair product! Not only does this salt spray made from Californian harvested salt help build treat texture in beach waves, it also works great to lift roots and give straight hair volume thanks to marine collagen and helps protects your scalp from UV rays. I’ve only used this a few times since getting it, but I already see staying in my hair care routine in the long term.

Shop: Playa Endless Summer Spray, $24


Nioxin 3D Styling Niospray Regular Hold Hairspray

The MJ Elle_Summer Hair Care Guide_Nioxin 3D Styling Niospray Regular Hold Hairspray

If you told my 16 year old self that I’d be using a quarter of the amount of hairspray I did then, I would laugh at you. But now that I know that less is more when it comes to styling products I’m always looking for the best quality. I’ve loved Nioxin products since learning about it working in salons during my high school years, and when I’m looking for a hairspray that holds, adds fullness but is also lightweight I always pick up my Nioxin 3D Styling Niospray Regular Hold Hairspray. What I love about this for summer hair styling is the formula is strong enough to hold up through warm weather, but doesn’t leave your hair heavy and it’s moveable. This is my go-to hairspray for the finishing touch on my summer hair looks, like beach waves!

Shop: Nioxin 3D Styling Niospray Regular Hold Hairspray, $23.50


Phyto Phytojoba Moisturizing Care Gel

The MJ Elle_Summer Hair Care Guide_Phyto Phytojoba

After all the hair spray and texturizing salt sprays, my hair can feel a little dry at times. But with my hair being more on the oily side during the summer I’ve always found it a challenge to add moisture without being stuck washing my hair daily. The Phytojoba line by Phyto should be the mascot of summer hair care with this tropical scent, and healthy hair ingredients. They call it a gel however I find the texture to be more of a milky cream, that absorbs into your hair almost instantly without leaving your hair oily or weighing it down. The result is hydrated and silky hair that shines from the inside out, so you can continue working those summer hair trends without worrying about drying it out.

Shop: Phyto Phytojoba Moisturizing Care Gel, $30


Balmain Hair Dry Shampoo

The MJ Elle_Summer Hair Care Guide_Balmain Dry Shampoo

I’ve been a die hard dry shampoo fan before the days of dry shampoo, cue my baby powder Myspace teen hair. Advancements in the hair care industry have lead me to swearing by dry shampoo now. I try to wash my hair only once or twice a week if I can, but in the summer sometimes that can be a bit of a challenge especially as the temperatures rise. So if there is one summer hair care product I can’t live without it’s dry shampoo. I’ve tried a few different brands from drugstore to salon quality and both invisible and coloured formulas, but I’m always left with some sort of complaint. The last time I got my hair done, I splurged on the Balmain Hair Dry Shampoo, after my colourist raved on how good the line actually was. Admittedly I was buying it for the brand… but I’m officially converted; this formula actually works to absorbed oils and refresh hair with the best scent ever. And the best part is months later I still have this same bottle of dry shampoo as a little goes an extremely long way. If you’re looking for a dry shampoo that actually works, I promise you this is worth the investment.

Shop: Lid Salon in Yorkville (in-store only) or select salons, $55


Summer Hair Care Guide: Styling Tip

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Beach waves are one of those summer hair trends that seems to just continue to hold strong year after year. If you’re looking to get natural looking beach waves I always recommend using a curling wand, a texture spray and hairspray. I love using the t3 Micro convertible wand which I love because you only need one wand for multiple barrel sizes, and it also works with their clip barrels too.

I always use my curling wand on medium heat to avoid damage, and sometimes medium-low if it’s day old hair. I use the 1.5″ straight barrel, but if you have shorter hair the 1″ straight barrel works great. I section my hair in 4 horizontal sections and parting that into 3-4 section that I curl once around the barrel, rotating directions with the pieces closes to my face curled alway from it. For a lose messy look, I hold my hair on the barrel for 5-6 seconds, and for more defined waves 8-10 seconds. Don’t worry about the sections being perfect or even, as this adds to the natural look.

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Once my hair is cooled, I tousle the waves with my fingers while spraying a texture spray, like the Endless Summer Spray, and finish it off with a bit of hairspray to hold. Generally, I can get my hair done in this method within 10 minutes making it a perfect quick and easy summer hair style!

The MJ Elle_Summer Hair Care Guide_T3 Micro Whirl Trio

Shop: t3Micro Whirl Trio Interchangeable Styling Wand, $300


* This summer hair care guide was put together using inspiration from items that have been previously gifted by my brand partners T3 Miro, Phyto Canada, Nioxin and Playa, however is not directly sponsored or paid. My review and feedback on these products and my overall experience is 100% honest and authentic as always. To learn more about my sponsored content, please visit my about me page.