Sun Care Products For Healthy Skin

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This summer has seen us blessed with some pretty solid weather so far in comparison to last year’s mix of straight rain and heat waves allowing us to get outside more, which should have us all paying attention to our sun care products. If you want to maintain healthy skin and avoid the many risks of sun damage it’s so important to work on building a summer skincare routine with strong sun care products. The most important part of protecting your skin during the summer whether you’re prone to burning or not is of course sunscreen but it shouldn’t just end there.

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Whether you’re looking to maintain a glowing tan or just looking to do more than protect your skin after being outside, having an after-sun routine is just as important as your sunscreen. Your tan begins to fade as you loose dead skin cells but you can slow down that process by keeping your skin hydrated with the right after sun care products. It’s also important to treat your skin for sun damage and anti-aging after long periods of time outdoors to maintain young and healthy skin. Your after-sun care routine should be something that fits for you whether it’s a one product or multiple product process, ensuring that you can keep to it all summer long.

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Checkout some of my go-to sun care products I’ve been depending on all summer long for healthy skin.

Sun Care Products For Healthy Skin

LaSpa SPF50 Ultra Sun Protection Stick

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This is one of my favourite sun care products for those days while I’m on the go, or when I’m up at the cottage. The LaSpa SPF50 Ultra Sun Protection Stick comes in a small deodorant style tube making application on the go super easy. I personally don’t use this as my first application, instead as something I carry around with me to re-apply especially on my face and neck since it’s less messy than a liquid sunscreen. Don’t let the high SPF scare you off you definitively still can get a tan wearing this, though I do recommend this option more for when you’re spending full days out in the sun versus laying by the pool trying to get some colour.

Shop: LaSpa SPF50 Ultra Sun Protection Stick, available at BeautySense $18


Coola Organic Mineral Sun Silk Crème SPF30

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Coola is another one of my favourite brands for my mineral sun care products, especially their sunscreens. I like their Organic Mineral Sun Silk Crème because it provides more than just broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection, but it also shields the skin from environmental impacts like pollution, blue light and infrared light for even more healthy skin benefits. The formula on this mineral sunscreen is super light and creamy, melting into your skin without leaving any residues. This is one of my favourite sun care products and I love using this on my face under my makeup during the summer.

Shop: Coola Organic Mineral Sun Silk Crème SPF30, available at Revolve $55


Bioderma Photoderm SOS After Sun

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Ensuring you have good after sun care products is just as important as your protection. I love Bioderma’s Photoderm SOS After Sun because of how easy it is to apply thanks to it’s mist format. This is one of my favourite sun care products to help cool down my skin after being in the sun for long periods of time while also keeping it moisturized which helps prolong the life of your tan.

Shop: Bioderma Photoderm SOS After Sun, $20


Detox Mode Altogether Oil

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On top of having an after sun care routine, keeping your skin moisturized is the #1 tip to extending the life of your golden skin. One of my favourite moisturizers this summer has been Detox Mode’s Altogether Oil from The Detox Market. This all purpose dry oil is packed with the hydrating and tightening power of jojoba seed oil, macadamia oil,  grape seed oil and ginseng, and Vitamin E for an extra antioxidant boost. This oil smells so delicious with neroli, patchouli, lemon peel and cardamom for a spicy citrus scent perfect for any time of the year but especially the summer!

Shop: Detox Mode Altogether Oil, available at The Detox Market $42


Esthederm Sunshine Care Powder

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So many people don’t realize the availability of sun care products that are cosmetics with SPF in it, which makes your sun care routine even easier to maintain year round. One of my favourite SPF makeup products to use is Esthederm’s Sunshine Care Powder, a light and silky powder that adds a light glow to your complexion while providing minimal sun protection thanks to it’s mineral formula. I still recommend using an SPF moisturizer or foundation since the sun care protection is minimal, but I love using this as a setting powder for my makeup during the summer for an extra little glow.

Shop: Esthederm Sunshine Care Powder, available at BeautySense $49


* My sun care products guide was put together using inspiration from items that have been previously gifted by my brand partners however is not directly sponsored. My review and feedback on these products and my overall experience is 100% honest and authentic as always. To learn more about my sponsored content, please visit my about me page.