Transitioning To Fall Fashion

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It literally feels like we blinked, and summer just flew by doesn’t it? With the final long weekend of the summer behind us it’s time to start to transitioning to fall fashion. I hate to be the one to break it to you but more dressing for beach days, pool parties and heat waves! Say goodbye to flip flops and crop tops, and hello to boots and leather jackets as the days start to get shorter and cooler. The thought of transitioning to fall fashion is no doubt dreaded by some while it’s celebrated by others. Unfortunately with all the latest fall fashions starting to show up in stores, there isn’t any chance of getting out of it so we might as well embrace it.

But don’t panic and start rotating your closet just yet! The good news is the next few weeks is the perfect time to get the last bit of wear of your summer favourites while transitioning to fall fashion. Cooler mornings and evenings paired with warmer temperatures during the day means you can pair summer pieces with your favourite fall jackets, boots and accessories. Just because the season’s over and it’s back to reality doesn’t mean we have to give up on our dream of an endless summer.

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If transitioning to fall fashion just isn’t your thing, or you need a little inspiration to refresh your fall wardrobe there’s no need to worry. I’m sharing my tips for successful transitioning to fall fashion!


Transitioning To Fall Fashion 

1) Keep Your Maxis & Midis

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Maxi skirts and dresses just scream summer, they’re the perfect outfit choice for any warm weather event from weekend brunch to weddings. But here’s a little PSA: when transitioning to fall fashion don’t pack away your maxis & midis! Skirts and dresses are the perfect pieces for transitioning to fall fashion without having to let go of summer. Pair them with easy to remove layers like a knit cardigan, denim jacket or blazer in case it warms up during the day.


2) Mix Up Textures

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One of my favourite things about transitioning to fall fashion is all the new textures that come with the season. Chunky knits, edgy leathers and cozy flannels add depth and warmth to your outfit. As someone who wears a lot of black, having different textures in my outfits allows each individual piece to stand out and add interest to the overall outfit. Mixing light summer fabrics with textures like wools, suedes and leathers when transitioning to fall helps make your looks more seasonally appropriate.


3) Play With Layers

The best thing about transitioning to fall fashion is playing with layers, and beyond being functional it can also elevate your look. This is a great way to wear your favourite summer pieces throughout the fall while keeping warm, like wearing your summer dresses with tights and a leather jacket. The trick to layering without being bulky is to layer the right pieces, like chunky knits over skinny jeans and t-shirts, or a blazer worn as a jacket over sweaters. Layers don’t have to be thick to keep you warm!


4) Get A Statement Jacket

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If there’s one thing that excites me about transitioning to fall fashion, it’s getting to wear all my jackets. I own more jackets then I should admit, but I’m a firm believer that everyone should own at least one statement jacket for fall… or 5. My go-to jacket for transitioning to fall year after year is undoubtedly a leather jacket. To be honest, I own both a real leather and faux leather jacket so that I can still wear the look when it rains without ruining the leather. Some other great jackets for transitioning seasons are trench coats, blazers and cargo jackets, which all work great for layering and adding warmth to any outfit.


5) Pull Out Your Boots

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I did say it was time to put away those flip flops! Boots are an essential when transitioning to fall fashion and can easily be worn with some of your favourite summer outfits while still being functional. Flaunt your stuff in summer skirts and biker shorts for a few more weeks by pairing them with a leather jacket or blazer and finishing the look off with your favourite boots.  Styles like cowboy boots, chelsea boots and Dr.Marten’s have manage to hold their own throughout the summer, but we can now start to wear our riding and over the knee boots too!


Transitioning to fall fashion hopefully doesn’t seem as terrible, and is a little easier now after reading my tips. For more on my favourite style picks and guides, click here.