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Hats are probably one of my go-to accessory for completing any outfit, and one of my favourite styles are wide brim hats. Adding a hat to any look can take it from a 5 to a 10 with such minimal effort and allow you to express your own personality through style. I’ve been a fan of hats for as long as I can remember whether it’s toques, caps or fedoras, and I’ve always been into styles that are timeless and add a bit of edge to my looks. That’s exactly why out of all the styles, I love wide brim hats; they’re classic while still having that rock & roll feel to them.

The M.J. Elle_Wide Brim Hats

Wide brim hats come in so many different styles and sizes but in order to fall into the wide brim category the brim should measure at least 3 inches. Not only does a wide brim look chic but can help shield from the elements like rain or sun, and with so many different options for materials this makes wide brim hats a style that can be worn all-year round. Whether it’s cut off’s and sundresses or leather jackets and denim there isn’t an outfit that can’t use the finishing touch of wide brim hats. I tend to gravitate towards fedora styles with structured brims when shopping for wide brim hats, and I’ve picked out 5 styles below I’m either dreaming of or inspired by my own closet!

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Shop My Look: Wide Brim Hats

Lack of Color The Jethro

The M.J. Elle_Wide Brim Hats_Lack Of Color The Jethro

Lack of Color makes some of the nicest hats I’ve yet to come across. The Australian brand makes high quality hats and reasonable price points, making quality style accessible to all. The Jethro hat is a classic fedora-style wide brim hat with a 3.15″ brim and simple ribbon trim made from 100% Australian wool. This is a great option for those looking for versatile option in wide brim hats, and can be worn year round.

Shop: Lack of Color The Jethro, $89


Madewell Wide Brim Straw Sunhat

The M.J. Elle_Wide Brim Hats_Madewell Wide Brim Straw Hat

Wide brim hats made from straw just scream summer vacation mode, am I right? I love the simplicity of this Madewell sun hat with only a fabric trim on the brim for details, and a 4″ brim. Pair this wide brim hat with your favourite summer dress and sandals for a day on the beach in style!

Shop: Madewell Wide Brim Straw Sunhat, available at Nordstrom $49


Hampui Hats Ser de Luz

The M.J. Elle_Wide Brim Hats_Hampui Hats Ser De Luz

I just recently discovered Hampui Hats on Instagram, and I’m so in love with their hats! Hampui Hats makes ready to wear and custom hats inspired by style and traditions found around the Americas. Founder Willee Roberts also provides a unique experience, Medicine Hats, where he combines style with the power of healing and invites you into the creation process of your hat. Hampui Hats truly takes the art of hat making to a whole other vibration.

Shop: Hampui Hats Ser de Luz, $370 (USD)


Zara Hat With Band

The M.J. Elle_Wide Brim Hats_Zara Hat With Band

A surprisingly great place to shop for wide brim hats that without breaking the bank or sacrificing quality is Zara. They often have at least one wide brim hat style every season. Panama style hats are super in for summer, and are great to pack up for a beach vacation year-round. Try this one from Zara paired with a tote, cover-up and sunnies for your next day spent poolside.

Shop: Zara Hat With Band, $40


Lack of Color The Phoenix

The M.J. Elle_Wide Brim Hats_Lack of Color The Phoenix

I did say that Lack of Color makes amazing wide brim hats, so it’s no surprise another one of their styles made my list. I found this one at Anthropology and didn’t even realize that it was Lack of Color until I began writing this post! I love the vintage satin ribbon trim band and wide 4″ brim making this the perfect hat to complete your next festival outfit, or boho look.

Shop: Lack of Color The Phoenix, available at Anthropology $139