Winter Boots That Won’t Kill Your Vibe

It’s been a cold and snowy winter in Toronto, so I’ve had to result in wearing practical footwear choices when getting around the city. Although I’ve never minded having to bundle up to keep warm, I like to do it while still looking good. You know, in case I run into an ex boyfriend or a frenemy or something. And for me, your winter boots can make or break your outfit.

The three things I look for in a true winter boot asides from style are warm, waterproof design and treads with good grip. When shopping for a true winter boot, I also like to take versatility into consideration making sure the pair I choose can work with multiple outfits. On the other hand, when looking for more fashionable styles I like to make sure they are “winter friendly” to some degree, in case I get stuck wearing them through a massive snowstorm.

It’s not easy to combine all of these features without sacrificing an outfit. There’s a fine line between looking great and totally botching a look. Luckily I managed to find a few styles that I think you’ll want to add to your winter wardrobe!

1. Sorel Out ‘N About Waterproof Luxe Bootie

A more traditional looking winter boot, with some luxe to them. Sorel is such a reliable brand when it comes to winter gear. This shortcut style make this boot less bulky without sacrificing warmth and waterproofness. And not to worry, that trim is faux fur!

2. Blondo Olivia Knee High Boot

Okay so maybe I lied a little; not all winter boots have to be an eyesore. These Blondo boots are not only stylish but also waterproof with a rubberized sole complete with treads. Now you can run for the bus without falling and look good doing it.

3. Love Moschino Ankle Boots

If you’re going to be stuck wearing winter boots, they might as well be Moschino right? These nostalgically chic moon boots are a mix of faux fur and nylon, making them perfect to trek around in the slush, or while pretending to hit the ski slopes with friends (you can find me by the chalet bar for sure).

4. Aqualita Leonie Weatherproof Leather Boot

I love a good classic biker boot, and getting to wear a pair beyond the spring or fall is major. I recently got a pair of G Star Foundry Rigger II boots that have done me well in this winter weather so far, but they seem to be sold out everywhere. I found these Aqualita ones that are similar in style and fully equipped with weatherproof features.

5. Timberland Premium 6″ Boot

A classic winter boot for the street style enthusiasts (or Kris Jenner) is the Timberland Premium 6″ boot. Yes, I own a black pair, and I’ve trusted them as a great option for the winter months for years. I will point out that their shorter cut doesn’t make them ideal for huge snow days in the countryside but to run around the (hopefully) plowed city streets, they’re a great option!